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page/swap file size and location for 2-3 hard drives


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Jul 21, 2010
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Most recommend putting the page file on a seperate hard drive from Windows. So that one hard drive is reading and another hard drive is writting.

MS recommends page file sizes of a Min 1.5X to a Max 3X system RAM. But they also say to have a page file on your OS drive for errors. That Windows will choose the Page file on the drive that Windows is not on.

So my setups currently are:

With 2 hard drives...
--Windows/games/programs on 1st hard drive
--Page File on 2nd hard drive (2 times the size of system ram@2gb, so 2048X2=4096 page file size)

With 3 hard drives...
--Windows on 1st hard drive
--Games/programs on 2nd hard drive
--Page file on 3rd hard drive (2 times the size of system ram@2gb, so 2048X2=4096mb page file size)

How are these configurations?

Does the maximum page/swap file size of 3X system ram apply to a single hard drive or all hard drives with swap files on the system total.

Ie. can i put from example above a swap file on my system drive 4096mb and another page file on other drives of 4096mb each for a total of 2 page files or 4096X2 that is greater than the 3x system ram??