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Painting Case: How long does it take to cure spray paint?




1st Color Coat
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Reading this page it says wet sand after 2-3 days.


Reading here it says after 2 weeks.

I just sanded, primed and spray painted my computer case. My color coat is RustOleum Metallic Cobalt Blue 242 628. I plan to have an automotive finish once completed, I am just confused on the cure time and when I should wet sand and apply a second coat.. :confused: The case I am using is an Sugo SG02.
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If you're using automotive paint you can safely apply the second coat after 2-3 days. (My business is in automotive paint lol)

It'd be sufficiently dry but not 'cured' - which means completely dry throughout all its thickness.

Make sure you apply a thin coat, otherwise the paint would never cure but be dry on the outside and remain 'soft'.

Edit: I assume it's 2K paint you're using?


Alright, well I actually picked it up at home depot but the can says for automotive, bikes, door hinges and "more". Its for indoor/outdoor applications.


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As BP said, this depends on the dilution of the paint(and hence the type), different paint have different times. the best way to judge is paint a scrap piece of metal during the original painting process. and after a day or two you can test(with a poking thing) on the scrap piece if its dried enough.

Note that the "scrap" piece mentioned may well be the underside of your case.


Black Panther said:
$immond$ said:

Well this is it, I am confused on when I can wet sand it and apply a second coat.[/QUOTE]

We don't have that brand here, but apparently it's a single pack (1K) metallic paint meaning you spray it as it is without adding hardener.

Make sure you have a good undercoat first before spraying the first coat. For example if the paint is metallic grey and the case is a dark colour it might be hard to achieve complete cover while applying only a thin coat. A thick coat would be disastrous because it will take very long to dry. So if the paint is metallic grey first paint the case in an ordinary grey undercoat to cover up the original colour of the case.

Then spray a thin coat.
Leave to dry for 2-3 days.
Wet-sand with a fine sandpaper (P1500 or higher).
Apply the second coat.
Repeat the above and then spray the clear-coat.

Now is the time that you have to wait for the curing.
Do not apply any polish before the lapse of at least 10 days until the paint is completely cured. Otherwise you risk matting everything.

Hmm, well I want to add a mirror finish I am just confused by these tutorials. Should I apply a second coat before sanding it or wetsand it after it dries enough, then apply a second coat? I will be putting a clear coat over top, 3m rubbing compound and 3m hand glaze. I really want a super shiny finish. [B]Thanks Black Panther![/B]
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