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Palit 9600GT Sonic 1GB Overclock - Broke 14K in 3DMark06


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Jul 18, 2007
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Almonte, Canada
System Name Sonny Boy
Processor Q9550 3.8GHz 450X8.5 @ 1.3 Vcore
Motherboard ASUS P5Q-PRO
Cooling OCZ Vendetta 2 - lapped and MX2
Memory 2 X 2GB OCZ Reaper PC2-8500 1080MHz 5-5-5-15-2T 2.1V
Video Card(s) 5870 Eyefinity + GT 240 Physx
Storage WD Caviar Black 640
Display(s) 3X AOC 23" 1920X1080 = 5760X1080
Case HAF922 - 3X 200mm fans
Audio Device(s) Onboard - whatever
Power Supply Ultra LSP 750W
Software Windows 7 Professional 64 bit
Finally got around to overclocking the memory on this thing. The VDO tool that shipped with the card would not OC the RAM. If I set it to even 1MHz beyond the default 950MHz memory clock it would instantly artiufact all over windows and lock up the machine.

So I fired up Riva Tuner V2.09 and overclocked the memory that way. The following are what I was able to achieve with no artifacting in ATI Tool.

740 MHz Core (default was 650) 14% OC
1850 MHz Shaders (default was 1625) 14% OC
2080 MHz Memory (default was 1900) 9% OC

I know this is a pre-overclocked card so wasn't expecting tp get huge OC out of it.

I am running on a Maze4 GPU water block and temps are hitting about 45C in a 28C room. Memory is cooled with Zalman memory heatsinks. I am surprised at how toasty this memory gets. Probably because they are back to back and heating each other through the board.

Tried a default run of 3DMark with settings in Nvidia tool on "Quality" since that's what I play on everyday. I guess I could get a little higher by tweaking things but I want to reflect my actual gaming enviuronment.

See screenshot below. Comments? Suggestions?