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PC freezes, and won't boot back to windows immediately.

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by jon1984, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. jon1984 New Member

    Dec 9, 2008
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    Hi there
    Recently my computer has been experiencing some problems. Firstly, the pc just freezes up from time to time and can happen once a day or 3-4 times a day regardless of how much I have used the pc. When it freezes I get no sound and lose all control. No error message is displayed before the freeze. The PC then has to be restarted manually. This is where things get worse. Following a freeze, the computer will then not boot up to windows for different periods of time.
    Usually when I start my PC, the psu and fans go to full speed for 2-3 seconds and then quiet downs as the PC starts to boot into windows, however this time they start up but stay loud as though the pc is under load and nothing happens. Like it is stuck in a loop. I get no picture/info on the screen what so ever and no posts from the PC. However there is power getting through as everything seems to light up and fans turn and I can hear the hard drive over the fans and PSU.
    The only way I can get the PC to start back up and get passed this is by continually turning it on and off until eventually it boots up like normal. This can take anywhere between 3-4 tries of switching it on and off to over an hour of trying. Needless to say this is a little frustrating and probably not too safe.
    I have tried leaving the computer off for long periods of times after a freeze to see if it will start first time but no such luck.
    When I turn the power on, I get lights on the keyboard and mouse, the fans on the tower start up and so do the CD drives along with the PSU and the GPU card, but nothing is recognized on the monitor.
    I made no changes to the PC that I can recall (software or hardware) recently and the freezes started out of the blue along with the boot problem. Also, the freezes seem to occur no matter whether the pc is under load or just idle with nothing running. The computer works fine with no other problems until the freeze occurs which has further confused me.
    I went inside, made sure nothing was shorting out and all the cables were firmly connected. I couldn’t see any visible problems but it is hard to tell what is not working since as I said, the pc does eventually start back up of its own accord.
    As far as I can see, it isn’t a heat issue. The PC is run in a horribly cold room, all fans are working and once it has started back up, the fan control I have registers everything as normal right up to the freeze.
    Could this be a power supply issue even though it starts up? Maybe not enough volts or something. I don’t have the equipment to test voltages and would have to go out and buy it.
    Any help you would be able to offer on this matter would be gratefully appreciated.
    Abit SG95 Mobo
    2 gig (2x 1 gig sticks) Geil Ram
    Hyper 580w type R PSU
    Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor 550 3.4GHz
    Artic freezing 7.0 heat sinq
    250GB Serial ATA hard drive
    ATi Raedon X1800 XT 256Mb GPU
    Sweex Lan pci card 10/100 mbps
    Windows XP

    Any other info you may need, please ask and I will provide what I can.
  2. Flyordie

    Flyordie New Member

    Oct 26, 2008
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    Weren't the Hyper PSUs crap?
    Check your mainboard for blown caps. (Capacitors)
    Also, Check your RAM, I had that issue during my Overclocking runs, my RAM just wasn't stable enough for 2-3-2-5 @ 1T (DDR-440Mhz) @ 2.8V (farthest I can push it w/o voiding warranty) even though it passed Memtest86 (24 hour pass).
    So those might be the issue.
    LMK when those have been completed. ;-)
  3. Mussels

    Mussels Moderprator Staff Member

    Oct 6, 2004
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    Hiper PSU's are crap. it could be that.

    turning it off and on until it boots DEFINATELY implies the PSU, as it means it cant get enough power to turn it on, by cycling it you're letting all the capacitors fill before trying again.
    10 Year Member at TPU

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