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PCI-E x4 question and advice please

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by imsati, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. imsati New Member

    Sep 24, 2007
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    New Jersey, USA
    I have an e-GeForce 7100GS PCI-E card that worked fine with my old MoBo. I recently swapped boards and purchased an ECS 945GZT-M. All of a sudden, Ubuntu 7.04 and Kubuntu 6.06 wouldn't load or ever fully boot via Live CD. After fiddling, I learned that it would boot up when the video card was pulled out and I was using on-board graphics.

    Further investigation pointed me to the fact that the PCI-E slot for this particular board is at x4 speed, not x16 as I had thought it was (and what my old board was).

    If I get a board that supports x16 speed, everything should work again, yes? There are two I'm looking at, one is almost the exact model I have right now but with a full-speed PCI-E slot and the other is a bit more in-depth, but will serve me well for many many years to come. Links below.

    ECS 945GCT-M (almost exactly like wht I have now, but with two PCI-E slots, one x4 and the other x16):

    Abit IL9 Pro (overkill for me, but I'll never have to worry about another MoBo in the mid-range foreseeable future (4 years at least):

    Reviews I've read on various website said the Abit was awesome. My previous board that I gave away for another install was an IP-95, and I'd love to have another, but Tiger only has them through a bundle deal and I'm perfectly happy with my CPU and other hardware so it would be a waste of $.

    Ideas or can anyone think of anything I've overlooked with getting my current board to work? I'd prefer to order my new one ASAP so it's shipped tomorrow and I'll get it on Wednesday and have everything back to normal Wed night. it actually feels a bit odd *having* to boot into XP again and not having Ubuntu as an option :p

    Thanks so much for any ideas or feedback on the boards!


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