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Pentium D 820


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Dec 31, 2005
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Miami, Fl
Processor Phenom II 940
Motherboard DFI 790FX
Cooling Zalman 9700
Memory Gskill DDR 2 1066 8 Gigs
Video Card(s) 5870 1 GB
Storage 300 gig veloci raptor, two 2.0 terrabyte hd's (all WD)
Display(s) 1080p LED TV
Case Antec p182
Audio Device(s) X-fi Fatality with Logitec Z-5500 Digital Speakers
Power Supply Silverstone 750
Software Windows 7 Signature Edition
I just put together an intel pentium d machine with an intel 945 psn motherboard, and i did not realise what a pain it is to install the heatsink on the motherboard it actually took a lot more effort than installing the amd athlon x2 heatsink, buyers beware buy an after market heatsink the intel one kinda sucks. Anyways in case anyone wants to know the machine specs are as follows 1 gig of ram 250 gig western digital sata RE antec solution case with an antec smart power 2.0 500 watt power supply, its got to 110 cfm 120 mm case fans and a generic dvd burner, im still waiting to get the video card i have not made up my mind on what to get. I am going to be using the machine to run linux xp 32 bit and and w/e else i can get my hands on.