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Performance Tips/Tricks/Mods for Flight Sim X

Discussion in 'Games' started by n9nu, Apr 5, 2008.

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    Apr 5, 2008
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    ****** Valuable Optimization Tips and Tricks For FSX Users ******​

    Some, most or all of this some of you may have or know, but I am only posting this because I was asked to by many people, so here it is and good luck!

    There are a number of hotfixes that have been released to address the Vista gaming/graphics/memory problems many have been complaining of. Some of them you all know about, but some are hidden in the MS TechNet and MSDN download areas. Below is a listing of the hotfixes that all gamers should download...both SLI and Single GPU users. They all address problems with DX9/10, Vista32/64, memory, graphics, and (a few of them) Flight Sim X.

    MS Hotfix Downloads For Vista 32 & 64

    MS KB933246
    MS KB929777
    MS KB933950
    MS KB936710
    MS KB938194
    MS KB940199
    MS KB941600
    MS KB942763
    MS KB945149
    MS KB940105

    For the following fix, you will need to go here (MS Support) to request a 32 bit version of this patch. This patch is labeled: Graphics performance can be improved in certain multiple scenarios on a Windows Vista based computer.

    NOTE: Not all users will need all of the above patches and downloads. You can install them to see if you do. It will only tell you it's already installed or this is not for your version.

    AMD Dual Core Optimizer Utility

    Download the AMD Dual CPU Core Optimizer utility to utilize it's extra instruction sets to take advantage of certain features in games and applications. This is recommended for FSX users.

    Download Here: AMD Dual Core CPU Optimizer

    Modified FSX.cfg File

    Optimized for my two physical "quad" core CPU's and dual 8800/9800 cards. The AMD FX-74 is technically, according to AMD, a quad core processor in itself, however, it is debatable on what their version and explanations are. Nevertheless, I have two of them and I suppose one could say I have an 8 core system. LOL. I will stick with the term Quad Core system.

    I strongly suggest looking at this if you are experiencing problems and run a dual/quad core system and/or dual GPU's. I noticed a performance gain of an average of 20 FPS after re-configuring that file for about a year!

    Download: Modified FSX.cfg File - Setup for a Quad Core Machine (Dual AMD FX-74's)

    Note: For an explanation of the entries that are marked in RED, please refer to one of the many guides, howtos, or other manuals online. If you cannot find one, email and I will be happy to send you one.


    I also came across a utility that beats the pants off of nVidia's "nTune". This program, nHancer, is specifically designed to find hidden tweaks and allows you to extensively configure your dual GPU's with a ton of settings and preset configurations. It includes profiles for FSX as well.

    Download: nHancer CPU/GPU Optimizer - 32 and 64 Bit Vista/XP/2K

    Alacrity PC x86/x64

    This is a rather new utility that was written by a friend of mine, Ken Salter, which wrote a previous program under a different name. This program will allow you to make game "profiles" so to speak. It will automatically shut down all services, programs, tasks and other files that are not needed to play games. It will also optimize your memory, cpu and disk just before the game is launched to fully optimize system performance. After the game is stopped and ended, it will reverse all the changes to reflect your original setup. Definately worth checking out.

    Download: AlacrityPC x86 & x64

    A misconception that I see a lot is the controversy over the Framerate setting in FSX. For users with dual/quad core systems, 2GB+ of RAM and a high end GPU (8800 series), you WILL gain a substantial increase in performance by maxing out that slider (Unlimited). For users will less than "high end" gear, this may be different. I do not have anything here at home to test with, however I am sure many of you have.

    Note: I am almost finished with an 89 page PDF Guidebook that will address all this and a lot more with respect to your whole system. This should be done by mid April.

    My Personal Experience and notes:

    The odd thing is that FSX, despite claiming it supports DX10, Multiple CPU's & GPU's, is I see absolutely NO difference when running with a single 8800GTX and one FX-74 CPU as well as running it with dual 74's and dual 8800GTX cards or dual 9800 GX 2 cards....which have a combined VRAM of 2GB!

    I was very disappointed when I installed SP2/Acceleration and noticed nothing was improved. I then thought that maybe they (MS) had included "support" for it but not have yet implemented the needed programming to take advantage of it.

    I have done a ton of research on this and it seems that if you are running older or slower processors and GPU's, it then makes a difference, but when you step up to the latest hardware currently, no difference is noticed.

    Happy Simming and drop me an email at n9nu @ digital-audio-pro.us if you want help or suggestions or screenshots. Remove the spaces before and after the @ - spam proof :)

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