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Personal backup tactics wonderings

Dec 13, 2008
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Hi there !
So with this damn virus going on now I had time to think about a proper backup and archiving system that will serve for the next few years.....
Here's what I had in mind, considering my current archival data is approximately 2.5TB and growing by the week, and consists of photos, rare films and interviews with now dead people, articles, books, what not.

Location 1:
1 X SSD For OS/Daily tasks.
1 x WD Red in 6TB inside the system.
1 x Additional WD Red in 6TB inside the system to mirror the first Red once a day via a task.
Location 2:
1 x Pelican Boxed WD Red in 6TB, to be used with a USB adapter toaster thingy, once a month to mirror #1, encrypted, off site.
1 x Pelican Boxed 128gb SD Card with the most improrant things (Recovery keys, photos, articles, custom scripts and rare tools) Encrypted, off site.
*Optional coolness factor -
100gb carbon M-Disc with old photos/important non private documents, buried in the back yard. hahaha

This solution is approx 370 dollars total which is reasonable for something that will serve for at least 5 years.

* I wish to run this backup offline, I do not believe in paid online backup of personal files no matter how "encrypted" the services claim to be.

Questions ...

1. Should I go with WD Red SMR 256mb cache, WD Red CMR 64mb cache, WD Red Pro, or WD Gold, for the intended purpose ? (I prefer to stick to WD)
2. Would you skip the second internal 6TB mirror device, and use it as an external USB perhaps once a week ? That way it will rarely have on-time, increasing reliability ?
3. Should I skip the internal HD's completely and install a 2-Bay NAS ? Since I don't want to use RAID, and have a pretty kickass paid mirror backup software, I always found NAS as a waste of space and money, but you may tip me otherwise.

Thanks for any tip helping me find the best system !
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Jan 17, 2010
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Honestly any of the new large drives will do for back ups. I would not use an SD card for a back up. Those things break, stop working and are just not reliable for long term storage
You might think about a NAS. You can build one or buy one. There nice because they take the workload off your PC
Feb 9, 2020
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Panama City Beach, Florida
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I have the point of sale server at work on RAID 1 with a hot-swap standby. That's backed up to an internal WD Red. That's backed up to a 2cd WD RED. That is backed up nightly to an offsite NAS at my home.

This has served me well since 2013. I was using a Lacie NAS but 2 crapped out on me within a year of purchase so I switched to Synology and haven't had an issue since.