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Phanteks Announces Glacier Asus ROG Dominus Extreme Kit Waterblock and Glacier C3647i Standalone Waterblock for Narrow/Square Socket P


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Aug 12, 2016
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The Dominus Extreme Kit is made specifically for Asus ROG Dominus Extreme EEB motherboard and Intel LGA 3647 Narrow Socket P Processors. It is made from premium materials and finest standards of craftsmanship to ensure maximum cooling performance. From military standard Viton O-ring to the Digital-RGB LED lighting, all of our exceptionally high-quality materials are carefully selected. The water block features a nickel-plated copper cold plate, acrylic top for an elegant look and optimal cooling for your extreme hardware.

The Glacier kit features a custom design for ASUS ROG Dominus Extreme, with a matching full-cover waterblock design for the Dominus Extreme's VRM, a thick copper base for maximum amount of heat transfer, high flow capacity so there isn't a bottleneck in the amount of heat that can be carried away from your hardware, and Phantek's PH-NDC thermal compund, which makes use of nano particles for increased reliability. The usage of aerograde Viton rubber ensures maximum durability and reliability, since this specially-designed composite is made to withstand exceedingly high temperatures and agressive fluids whilst keeping sealing performance intact - a must for any electronic parts.

Besides announcing the Dominus Extreme-specific Glacier waterblock kit, Phanteks also announced standalone waterblocks designed for Intel's Socket-P (LGA 3467) in both narrow and square designs, so that you can add one of these to your current motherboard. These keep the exact same specs as the Glacier ROG Dominus Extreme Kit, but lack the VRM design circuitry extension.

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Oct 18, 2013
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Don't press releases come with or utilize spell check :shadedshu:

But anyways...

anutha day, anutha niche cooling system, which, judging by all the so-called "exceptionally high-quality materials" gibberish, will surely cost at least an arm, a leg and both kidneys :eek:
Sep 14, 2018
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Now you can build complete Phanteks water-cooled build with Phanteks power supply and case.
Dec 10, 2011
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I was skeptical at first about Phanteks blocks when first released what was it 3 years ago? But these are top, top, top notch products.:rockout:

CPU blocks are built like panzer tank. No gibberish, no fancy jetplates, cleaning is trivial, oring holding everything in place is much thicker than in other vendors products. You need darn good grip to pry it away from coldplate for cleaning. No acrylic cover fractured so far from screwing fittings back and forth. I must say Phanteks moved to the top of my list. Pegging back Bitspower and Watercool is no small feat.

In general this block is just halo product, but if anyone want to buy CPU which suck 1kW of power then I bet Phanteks block(s) will be up to the challenge.