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Phanteks Launches The Glacier R220C DDC Combo, White Gen 4 Vertical GPU Bracket and White Gen 4 Riser Cables


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Oct 9, 2007
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Memory 2x 8GB G.Skill Sniper X
Video Card(s) Palit GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER GameRock
Storage Western Digital Black NVMe 512GB
Display(s) BenQ 1440p 60 Hz 27-inch
Case Corsair Carbide 100R
Audio Device(s) ASUS SupremeFX S1220A
Power Supply Cooler Master MWE Gold 650W
Mouse ASUS ROG Strix Impact
Keyboard Gamdias Hermes E2
Software Windows 11 Pro
Phanteks launched a range of PC enthusiast products to help PC builders create incredible systems. The all-new Glacier R220C DDC Combo, white Vertical GPU bracket, and white Flat Line PCIe Gen 4 Riser Cables are designed for both gamers and PC enthusiasts who want to improve the performance of their system and stand out from the crowd.

The new Glacier R220C DDC Combo is equipped with a pre-installed high-performance DDC 4.2 pump with power management control via PWM through motherboard bios or a fan controller. The compact design is quiet and powerful and comes with a SATA power connector for easy installation to run any complex liquid-cooled system.

The Vertical GPU bracket and riser cables now introduce a white color option, matching our white chassis for better harmony and overall style. The reinforced steel now provides reliable support eliminating any sagging also includes PCI-e Gen 4 riser cable for new-gen Graphic cards. Finally, our Flat Line PCI-E Gen 4 Riser Cables are available in white, giving you the power to unlock the full potential of any high-end Gen 4 Graphic Cards. Dual-layer design improves the performance and stability of the high bandwidth signals while the individual lane is shielded from EMI/EFI interference to prevent interference between channels.

The Glacier R220C DDC Combo, White Gen 4 Vertical Bracket, and White Gen 4 Flatline Riser cables are available for purchase now on our website and at select retailers. Upgrade your PC setup today and experience the difference.

Pricing and Availability: - January 2023
  • Glacier R220C DDC Combo: $199.99 / €199.90 / £179,90
  • Gen 4 Vertical GPU Bracket, White: $69.99 / €69.90 / £60.90
  • Flat Line 220 mm PCIe Gen 4 Riser Cable 90 White: $59.99 / €59.90 / £52.90
  • Flat Line 300 mm PCIe Gen 4 Riser Cable 180 White: $59.99 / €59.90 / £52.90

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Feb 27, 2009
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I've never had the opportunity to work with these adapters, but that looks very neatly designed and easy to use.
Nov 29, 2022
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White is the new Black !
I wonder what will be the next color scheme, Grey ?
I must admit, white builds looks clean like ... fridge :)


Dec 5, 2013
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Love white pc components . Too bad it’s still difficult to build an all white system but this is a step in the right direction
Oct 18, 2013
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Next to the huge 155mm Howitzer that's in ur face
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Benchmark Scores PDQ - all things considered !
Nice looking parts, but $60 for a friggin riser cable.... ummmm... NO !

Especially not when you can get the whole kit for $200 :D
May 31, 2016
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Power Supply Seasonic 750W GOLD
Mouse Logitech G402
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White is the new Black !
I wonder what will be the next color scheme, Grey ?
I must admit, white builds looks clean like ... fridge :)
until you have dust inside and everything looks dirty. I would go with gray since if you have dust, it is gray and at least you can say it is by design :laugh:
Jun 10, 2014
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The middle part of the res/pump combo looks like a siphon, kinda like someone cut a toilet in half. :p