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Phase Change Questions?

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by 20mmrain, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. 20mmrain


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    So I have been doing a lot of thinking (and minor research) of possibly building a PC with a Phase Changer. This PC would not only be used to preform High overclocking. But also some prolonged PC use (Not 24/7 use but up to 4 -6 hours at a time). But there are a phew concerns I have before attempting this....

    Keep in mind I am doing very preliminary research.... so be gentle I am still learning about this type of cooling.

    1. Are Phase Changers extremely loud? I can't seem to find much information about this. If they are like having a loud refrigerator in your area..... Well then it isn't worth it. I and I will not go any further.

    2. The people who are using Phase Changers on the 24/7 main PC how do they get past the condensation?

    3. I know when starting up a PC with a Phase changer you usually turn on the Phase Changer 1st and then wait a minute or two and then turn on the PC 2nd. This gives time for the Phase Changer to get to desired temps before turning on the PC. Is there are standard time frame for how much time you need to give the Phase changer before turning on your PC?

    4. Is there any side effect with running a CPU @ sub zero temps for an extended period of time? Or a little above zero for a long period of time.

    5. What is a usual life span of a phase changer?

    I know using a Phase changer is not considered the best option for 24/7 Use on a PC..... but I have seen machines doing it all over the internet. Are there any other safety tips I should know or links I should read before attempting such a feat.

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    I'm on my phone so I didn't bother taking time reading it. But I will do my best to answer and I would like to thank you. You've brought a tear to my eye with all these new guys and the few jackasses with $$$ I never thought of see the day again that a real enthusiast thread asking questions about enthusiast things and not shallow shit like I
    Bought a $600 mobo what up? But phase change. God I haven't participated in a phase change thread since like 08
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    well tpu doesnt have many ppl that even own one wich is sad cuz this is the place that i learned to oc :p

    1. yes and no depends who makes it and i think the fans on mine are louder then the rotary compressor mine was built with.

    2. to have good insulation on the is the key ;)

    3. yes you turn the unit on before the comp everyone i seen have a temp gage thats reading the evap, the part thats cooling the cpu. you let it get charged up first so it can get cold and be able to take the heat load from the cpu, so you would just go off the temp gage to know how cold your unit gets to know when to turn the comp on

    4. not that i know of

    5. depends on the quality of the build, ive had mine since 09 and still works fine to this day :)
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