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photo editing/music editing person required for good cause

Jan 28, 2007
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Software Windows 7 Ultimate
ok people the story starts, i have a son who is 4 months old and has a major heart deffect, he had minor surgery as a newborn and requires at least 2 further MAJOR operations when hes 6-18 months and again when he is 3-5 years old hopefully this is all he will need to correct what is wrong with him though thats not for certain. i have a lot of digital photos of him taken from when he was newborn until now and would really like to cherrish these moments and have a keepsake if god forbid he wasnt here in 12 months. im looking for someone who can help me make a cd-slideshow with all his photos in order from when he was born until present day with chosen music tracks as a background.

basically im looking for someone whos willing to put the time in and help do this as i dont have the know-how to do it to do it myself to the degree of professionality i feel this deserves. i have all the photos and the music to go with etc and can direct (if you would like to call it that) and am calling on people here to help me make this happen.

In exchange for this i cannot give much but my utter gratitude and respect to someone who is willing to give their time up to help me with this. many thanks tpu members. Mullered07
Jan 29, 2006
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Case Thermaltake Soprano (black with side window).
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Power Supply ThermalTake 430W TR2
Software XP Home SP2, can't wait for Vista SP1.
You're going to think I'm crazy, but try Windows Movie Maker/ iMovie after the photos are edited.