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Photoshop 7 Help - Virtual Memory?


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Oct 29, 2007
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Running Windows XP

I have been using PS7 for 1 year with no issues. Upon starting PS7 three days ago, it didn't load completely. It started loading all the plug-ins and extracting everything, and just as it would normally start after that, it disappears.

So I uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail. It's doing the same thing over and over. The weird thing is that now it's almost starting but by saying:

"Windows is running without a paging file. This is potentially dangerous, and offers no performance improvements over running with a properly configured paging file. For this system, Photoshop recommends settings Windows Virtual Memory to have a minimum amount of at least 16MB [...]
Please review the Readme file for information on configuring Photoshop for optimal performance.
Continue Launching?
Yes No

If I click yes or no - it still just closes and does not load.

So I went to check out my virtual memory and somehow, I guess it was changed to no paging! from other software installs - dunno - but I never changed it or have even been in those setting for over a year. Anyway, I have 1.25 gig of RAM so I tried all types of settings......minimum virtual mem @ 256 and max at 1875 and min @1597 & max @ 1597, and a plethora of other numbers. I have restarted many times, tried doing this in Safe Mode, have uninstalled a couple times and deleted the .psd file in regedit, looked all over online for help, reintsalled, reinstalled, reinstalled....and nothing - I just get it to start loading and then it hangs and closes.

Any other users with issues like this? Any thoughts/advice? Are my virt.mem settings wrong? I have run CCleaner, Defrag'd, run AdAware, SpyBot and cleared .tmp files., virus software etc.,. Moreover, the file loads fine on laptop with less memeory - so something is happening within the settings on my PC I guess.

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!! :( Thanks