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Photoshop video card help

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by mdnelson09, Apr 19, 2012.

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    While that would be nice, they make too much off of their marketing to give up on CUDA. It's frustrating that the coding for CUDA is an inherently inefficient one, too. But as it stands, I find it hard to recommend an AMD card over an nVidia card for content creation if you're not willing to drop the cash for a workstation card.
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    From the benchies, I would not worry about a super high card. I would however make sure the card itself is at least 1gb in its RAM for optimal performance. This is because higher drawn apps like Premiere and After Effects are tanks on that ware. But with rendering with a GPU, the times even on something like a 15min 1080P render are only within 10-15 seconds of eachother of ~5 min of rendering. I say for that, its negligible to spend 500 on a GPU when a 100 buck one will render only a few seconds slower.

    I too am a photographer/designer like you, and use my rigs for different purposes. My work rig has a Quadro 4800, but that was here before I arrived, so I'm a happy camper there. Now my home rig with that old 800GTX, yea...need funds and a reason of personal work to care.

    So something like a GTS 450 would be worth putting a few extra pennies toward IMO.
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