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PhysX card (Geforce 9600GT) in device settings and flashable; display ports broken?


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Jul 6, 2011
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System Name Ace
Processor i7 920 Quad Core
Motherboard Gigabyte G1 Sniper
Cooling EK Pump and EK waterblocks for EVGA Geforce 660ti FTW+ 3GB
Memory OCZ Platinum PC3 12800
Video Card(s) EVGA Geforce 660ti FTW+ 3GB
Storage 1 x Velociraptor 150gb and 2 x 300gb Vraptor
Display(s) iiyama T2250MTS
Case Coolermaster Cosmos S
Audio Device(s) Creative xi-fi
Power Supply Corsair AX760i
Software Windows 8 64
Hi guys,

My PhysX card has developed a fault. Tried different flash roms and still it's the same problem. The display ports are 'no signal'. It is my seconday card. I can't run PhysX demos. They begin to load and display an error GL_NV_format....blah blah blah. I think it's busted.

I spilt a bit of water on the backside of it. It's not conductive and I let it dry but it killed it. I guess I want to get a new PhysX card. If left plugged in boot time is degraded massively. My main board BIOS gave some strange errors about the time it started playing up. Specifically about Vendor ID's. It's difficult to remember fully.