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Please help with my oc

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by munacra, May 31, 2008.

  1. munacra New Member

    May 29, 2008
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    Although this isnt the athlon 64 section i wonder if anyone can help me, i want to overlock a spare computer that ive built up as a present for a friend, the original stats for the computer are,

    m/b: msi-ms 6712 chipset via vt8377 kt400+vt8233CF/Vt8235(latest bios update)

    processor: Amd athlon xp thouroughbred 2000+ 1.5ghz (now overclocked to 2600+ 1962.3 mhz current clock ratio 12.50 fsb 157 mhz)

    Ram: 1.256gb (512mb hyndai ddr 400 + 256mb kingmax ddr 400 + 512mb Samsung ddr 400) timings 3.0-3-3-7 (tCAS-tRCD-tRP-tRAS) memory clock 157mhz

    Video Adapter: Inno3d geforce 7300 GT Agp8x 256 Mb DDr2
    Original Specs, 300mhz core 300mhz mem
    And i overclocked this using a modded bios file
    Current gpu 551.6 mhz
    memory 414 mhz (828 mhz effective)
    NO ARTIFACTS!!! With stock zalman cooling...temp 39 celsius 45 celcius (idle/load)
    cooling specs: 2 5000rpm fans at rear
    8 10cm 5000rpm led fan at side
    1 standard case cooling fan at front.

    Cpu cooling: Thermaltake 3 cpu copper core k7 cpu cooler + fan with arctic silver thermal paste~ current temp: idle/load 30 celcius 43 celcius. (mb 16 celcius)
    Operating system: Windows xp build 2600 service pack 2
    nvidia forceware 91.47

    Please let me know and advise me on how to get this computer to run at anything higher than 2600+ and with ddr 400 speeds, now its just at ddr 333 as stated in the bios. which is really slow when taking the cpu speed into consideration. Any extra overcloking help is wanted and the temps mustnt go over 55 celcius. Ive also got the application to modify ram chips. so help with that would be appreciated as well.

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