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PLL PLL termination voltage

Nov 8, 2018
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In order to tweak my OC a bit I wondered if it was useful to "fix" the parameter PLL termination voltage, I read on some that it could prevent the particular heating.

On an ASUS motherboard with an 8086k processor what value should I put, I had read 1.15 but I would like your opinion, thank you
Sep 9, 2013
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If you mean temperature reduce it should be PLL bandwidth (select level) not PLL termination voltage. That is equal to VCCPLL on ASRock.
Level 3 equals 1.0v, level 4 equals 1.15 and higher like level 6 is in the neighborhood of 1.4

I play with VCCPLL since i5-6500 @ 5Ghz + ASRock Z170 OC Formula till 9900K + Z370 Taichi and can confirm that temp reduce by reducing this voltage.
Temp doesn't reduce alone. Current and power also reduce so I think it is true.
ASRock can set this voltage 1.1V minimum. Default is 1.2V on Z370 Taichi and 1.3V on Z170 OC Formula which cause massive temperature increase compared to my previous ASUS Z170-A and MSI Z170 Gaming Pro Carbon. All of my CPU can use 1.1V without problem but my 9900K require 1.12V minimum. Lower will cause idle freeze (just freeze no BSOD). Surprisingly it only freeze on idle. Full load never freeze.

IIRC ASUS motherboard default voltage is 1.25V probably equal to level 5 ? you can try reduce it and see if it freeze when idle or not.