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Powercolor 4850 black screen problem and BIOS request

Discussion in 'AMD / ATI' started by xbennyx, May 5, 2010.

  1. xbennyx New Member

    May 5, 2010
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    Hi guys,

    I've been reading and reading and searching and searching about this topic, but so far without a solution:

    I'm running a Powercolor 4850 (I think since more than 2 years so guarantee is lost). I had issues before with black screens with this card, but as they were pretty seldom I never bothered to return it. Now, recently I'm getting more black screens than I can actually see something. The system isn't freezing or anything, the monitor just turns black while it's power light is still on and the pc operating just fine (besides the black screen). No shutdowns, no error messages, nothing after the screen goes back on. Playing xbox or doing anything else on the same screen is working just fine, so it really must be a pc issue.

    The problem turns up even when I freshly started and am on desktop, not playing any games or anything crazy - so I highly doubt it's a temperature problem, as this problem even occurs at about 42C (107F) degrees at the GPU core with an open case (values are from CPUID).

    Notes/things I've tried so far without success:

    - several drivers (regular, geforce, older versions, newer versions, other versions recommended in threads here and on other forums)

    - drivers with and without CCC

    - decreasing the Mhz with to lower values with CCC

    - increasing fan speed

    - ran a few analysis tools like CPUID, ATI tool, everest (can't see heating problems)

    - updated OS (win xp sp3)

    - my psu is a be quiet! with 500W. Should be sufficient

    - carefully cleaned the fan and heatsink off dust

    - flashed the motherboard's BIOS to the latest version

    - I'd like to run a GPU BIOS update too , but so far I couldn't find one for my card (there only are BIOS for cards with DDR3 RAM whereas mine has DDR4 - can I use the same one? If not, can someone post the one for DDR4 please?!).

    sorry if theres any technical things or spelling mistakes (i know there are loads, it's late and i'm german, so please excuse) in this thread that don't make sense - I'm not a geek, just a guy trying to save some money by building his on system together and then praying it works smoothly^^

    System specs:

    - intel core 2 duo e7300
    - powercolor 4850 with 512mb DDR 4
    - ocz XTR platinum RAM
    - asus p5q pro
    - be quiet! 500W PSU

    ANY TIPS???

    thanks for your help in advance guys. you rule
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