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PowerColor HD 6970 Devil 13 2048 MB

Nov 10, 2011
188 (0.08/day)
Processor Intel Core i9-7920X (delidded) @4.6 GHz
Motherboard ASUS Rampage VI Apex
Cooling Alphacool Eisbaer 360; w/ 3x NB eLoop B12-P; + Eisbecher D5 250mm; + Eispumpe VPP755; + NZXT GRID+V2
Memory GeIL EVO X 32GB (8GBx4) DDR4 2400 MHz CL15 @3800 MHz CL18
Video Card(s) EVGA GTX 1080 Ti FTW3
Storage Samsung 960 Evo 1TB; Seagate Constellation CS 4TB; Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 6TB; + HTPC & NAS
Display(s) NEC PA241W; @1200p, Dell U2412M; @1200p, Dell U2413; @1200p, LG 65SJ950V; @2160p
Case Nanoxia Deep Silence 6 Rev.B
Audio Device(s) Yamaha AG06; + Yamaha HS7; + Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro; + Grado SR325e; + MXL 770; + Asus Xonar U7;
Power Supply XFX XTR 1250W (P1-1250-BEFX)
Mouse Zowie EC1-A; + Akasa Mouse Pad TXL 1000x500mm
Keyboard ROCCAT Ryos MK Pro (Red Cherry MX)
Software Windows 8.1 Pro x64; / ForceWare 385.41
Biggest vga fail so far this year :\


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Mar 21, 2005
1,462 (0.31/day)
Maribor, Slovenia
Processor Core i7 930
Motherboard Asus P6X58D Premium
Memory 6gb SuperTalent WB200UX6G8
Video Card(s) xfx radeon hd 5970 black edition
Storage Intel X25-M 80
Display(s) Dell UltraSharp 2209wa
Case Haf 932
Audio Device(s) Integreted sound card
Software w7
i was expecting more from this card.


My name is Dave
Apr 10, 2006
16,546 (3.87/day)
Parkland County, Alberta
System Name Gamer
Processor Intel i7-6700K (ES)
Motherboard MSI Aegis TI
Cooling Custom Dragon Cooler
Memory 16 GB Kingston HyperX 2133 MHz C13
Video Card(s) 2x MSI GAMING GTX 980
Storage 2x Intel 600P
Display(s) Dell 3008WFP
Case MSI Aegis Ti
Mouse MSI Interceptor DS B1
Keyboard MSI DS4200 GAMING Keyboard
Software Windows 10 Home
Of course, considering the fact that you have lots of money
Actually, I don't.

A 6970 is like $350 here, and I can justify the price increase based on the differences between this card, and a reference 6970. I spend a fair bit of time examining hardware down to the component level, and liek I said earlier, if it was $100 less, I'd probably buy one.
Aug 30, 2009
4,001 (1.32/day)
Sarasota, Florida, USA
System Name Awesomesauce 4.3 | Laptop (MSI GE72VR 6RF Apache Pro-023)
Processor Intel Core i7-5820K 4.16GHz 1.28v/3GHz 1.05v uncore | Intel Core i7-6700HQ @ 3.1GHz
Motherboard Gigabyte GA-X99-UD5 WiFi LGA2011-v3| Stock
Cooling Corsair H100i v2 w/ 2x EK Vardar F4-120ER + various 120/140mm case fans | Stock
Memory G.Skill RJ-4 16GB DDR4-2666 CL15 quad channel | 12GB DDR4-2133
Video Card(s) ASUS ROG Strix A8G Gaming GTX 1080 @ 2075/1368 boost | NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB +200/+500 + Intel 530
Storage Samsung 840 EVO 500GB + Seagate 3TB 7200RPM + others | Kingston 256GB M.2 SATA + 1TB 7200RPM
Display(s) Acer G257HU 1440p 60Hz AH-IPS 4ms | 17.3" 1920*1080 60Hz wide angle TN notebook panel
Case Fractal Design Define XL R2 | MSI
Audio Device(s) Creative Sound Blaster Z | Realtek with quad stereo speakers and subwoofer
Power Supply Corsair HX850i Platinum | 19.5v 180w Delta brick
Software Windows 10 Pro x64 | Windows 10 Home x64
Benchmark Scores GTX 1080 please?
Psssst... come here. wanna hear a secret?
SAPPHIRE 100312-3L Radeon HD 6950 2GB 256-bit GDDR...
this graphics card? have an awesome OC abilities and nice cooling but thats not it
it's second bios is an actual fully unlocked HD6970 bios. Shhhh!!
I got the Dirt3 version 3 weeks ago. Flipped the switch and OCd with Sapphire Trixx to 920/1300 @ 1.18v. Awesome card for $269 and it's really a 6970 2GB (plus Dirt3 for mine) which was an epic deal.
Feb 7, 2010
1,453 (0.51/day)
System Name 2K Gamer
Processor AMD 8370 @ 4.5GHZ
Motherboard ASUS Pro Gaming / Aura 970
Cooling Corsair H60 AIO
Memory 16GB G. Skill RipJaw @ 1600MHZ
Video Card(s) Zotac AMP! GTX 1070
Storage Samsung 600 Gig HDD (Raid 0 @ 7,500) / WD 1TB Blue @ 7,200 / PNY 128 GB SSD For Linux
Display(s) 27'' ASUS 144MHZ G-SYNC Read 1400p Gaming Monitor / 23'' LG LCD Flatron W2361VG 1080p @ 50,000:1
Case NZXT Source 530
Audio Device(s) Onboard 7.1 HD Realtek
Power Supply 750w Corsair HX
Mouse Cougar Gaming Mouse
Keyboard Saitek Eclipse
Software Windows 10 64bit Education Edition
Psssst... come here. wanna hear a secret?
SAPPHIRE 100312-3L Radeon HD 6950 2GB 256-bit GDDR...
this graphics card? have an awesome OC abilities and nice cooling but thats not it
it's second bios is an actual fully unlocked HD6970 bios. Shhhh!!

I never knew that! Maybe that's why its on the hush hush...Depending on how the 7xxx series go (I plan on upgrading in Jan/Feb 2012 when 7xxx series come out. If they are delayed again, I'd def be picking these two up!


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May 13, 2011
1,403 (0.58/day)
US of A
System Name Workstation1 | Asus G55VW-DS71
Processor i7 970 3.8GHz | i7 3610QM
Motherboard RIII Formula
Cooling EK 360 Supreme HF | Asus G55VW
Memory 24GB Dominator | 12GB DDR3
Video Card(s) 2x Diamond HD 6970 | GTX 660M
Storage 2x Vertex4 256GB | 256GB Vertex4 & 750GB HDD
Display(s) 3x Crossover 27" LED S-IPS + 30" DELL IPS
Case Corsair Obsidian 800D
Audio Device(s) X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro + Gigaworks G550W
Power Supply HX1000 + NZXT Black Sleeved Extensions
Software Win7Ult64Bit
Benchmark Scores ballz
Not even taking my 6970's into account, my unlocked reference Diamond 6950 2GB has been OC'd past 1075Mhz core and 1500MHz memory at no more than 1.22v, and benched heaven, furmark, vantage P, etc with remarkable scores.

Just a reference for what reference cards are capable of.
Feb 23, 2011
407 (0.16/day)
System Name AMD
Processor Phenom 2 x6 1075T @ 4.1Ghz
Motherboard ASUS Crosshair 4 Extreme
Cooling Custom Water Cooling Loop
Memory 4Gb Kingston Hyper X 2000Mhz
Video Card(s) Power Color 4870x2
Storage 2x WD Carviar Blacks 64mb Cache - RAID 0
Case Cooler Master Cosmos S
Power Supply Jeantech Absolute 1000w Modular
They ditched the red PCB!!!

About bloody time!