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Powerplay states structure - smoke & mirrors

Discussion in 'RBE' started by alpeck, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. alpeck

    Oct 8, 2008
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    I have read tutorial but still can not make sense of Powerplay states structure. Actually Powerplay status structure makes more sense than accompanying Clock info modes used.

    Powerplay status structure appears to be hardware state requests like 0 - Boot, 1 - Power saving for notebooks in battery mode/ Hardware perfomance/ Optimal performance, 2 - Accelerated 3D, etc. Obviously state 0 - Boot is the easiest to understand.

    My 2900 XT BIOS has a total of 6 Powerplay states, 0 thru 5, for which only 0 thru 4 have descriptions to go along with them.:wtf:

    Where do the Powerplay state requests originate from and can they be changed? Also can the Powerplay states structure be changed.:confused:

    Now for the least understood Clock info modes used, my 2900 XT BIOS only every uses mode 1 - low and mode 2 - medium and each Powerplay state overlaps except for last.
    State 0 - Boot, clock info 00 & clock info 01
    State 1, Clock info 01 & Clock info 02
    State 2, Clock info 02 & Clock info 03
    State 3, Clock info 03 & Clock info 04
    State 4, Clock info 04 & Clock info 05
    State 5, Clock info 05 & Clock info 12​

    My 2900 XT BIOS has a total of 20 Clock info's and Clock info 12 is blank.:wtf:

    Excluding State 0 - Boot, I have only been able to conclude that Windows desktop is using Clock info 01 (Aero or not) and all other programs (Games, Media Center) use Clock info 03. Because of overlap of states I can not be sure what state I am in.

    Where do Clock info modes used requests originate from and can they be changed? Also can Clock info modes used be changed.:confused:

    I would be very thankful to anyone who can expand on this subject.:respect:

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