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problem making driver disk?!?!

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by quasar923, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. quasar923 Guest

    my comp crashed again. when i OCed the gfx it just shut down after an hour and didnt start up and now i have to reinstall windows. ive done everything from reseting cmos to windows repair. i just need to be able to make a drivers disk. i used the cd that ive always used to make one. heres the problem. i put the cd in my dads comp which ive used to do this before and it doesnt say make driver disk. it says usb driver and thats it. then it says brows cd for files. so i choose the ones that i think were on there before and it doesnt work. so i go to the site and download the bios driver that doesnt work. do i need to do hdd driver? thats what cannot be found when i start up. also with the floppys i use their kinda old like maybe 5 or so years and it keeps telling me its not formated and shit. and i format it and it doesnt work. do i need new floppys? and can i do this from usb? i have some 512 mb sticks that i could put the files on if i can use usb. is that why it says usb driver on the driver cd?
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  2. quasar923 Guest

    what should i do?
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  3. Polaris573

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    What do you need a drivers disk for? Unless you have a RAID array all the drivers you need to install windows should be on the CD.
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  4. quasar923 Guest

    it doesnt show up on the cd. which files do i put in. i used to see make driver disk. now i dont.
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  5. quasar923 Guest

    hey i figured it out. i needed to change my hdd to ide not raid. it was set to raid in bios. now it didnt even ask for the floppy. so now i know how to do this next time much faster.
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