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Problems with 4870X2 Fan, help needed

Discussion in 'RBE' started by axon, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. axon New Member

    Feb 25, 2010
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    First of all I apologize for my english, excuse me, I live in Spain.

    I've succesfully modded my BIOS using RBE 1.24, the only thing I've changed is the fan profile:


    I wanted such a profile because I'm tired of using RivaTuner (ex. when I'm on Linux it's not working, of course, and my card is really hot), there're software workarounds even in Linux but I wanted to be controlled by the BIOS.

    RBE only let me modify the fan settings of master bios (adapter 0), when I try to edit the slave bios, the Fan tab is grayed out. Is it normal?

    Ok, then I flashed it using ATIFlash, now again it only accepted adapter 0 bios... when I'm going to flash "Atiflash -p 1 adapter1.rom" it says something like "already programmed", I don't know if it's being programmed or not, anyway, if I only can edit master bios fan, maybe it's not necessary...

    When I reboot the computer I can hear how the new profile is activated, the fan spins up and down depending on the temperature (in DOS), but when I enter Windows, first it sets to 35% which is ok, the minimum temp I've configured, but when I launch a game or furmark, the profile is not working, it stays on 35% forever, even when reaching 80ยบ.... I'm a bit lost...

    Thanks to everyone.

    P.D.: I removed all ATI drivers and Riva Tuner, even using Driver Sweeper, reinstalled drivers, two times with no luck. I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

    I've also attached two bios files, the modified master one and the unmodded slave one (I used GPU-Z to extract it)

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