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problems with flashing bios to Sapphire 2GB 6950 100312-3L.


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Dec 30, 2011
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I'm having lots of trouble flashing the bios to my Sapphire 100312-3L.. Part of it's my fault, didn't back up the bios before I flashed. (so does anyone have a backup of the 6970 count of shader bios, "1" I believe, as per below).

This is on a z68 motherboard with onboard graphics as ewll.

It came, I installed it with switch in the "1" position (farther from the crossfire bridge) and I got the 6970 # of shaders.

I then tried to install a 6970 bios to it (again in 1 position), and it seemed to take, in order to be able to get a better overclock.

I rebooted, and it just kept on rebooting, never even posting. I switched the switch to 2 (closer to crossfire), went into bios and made hte onboard with priority. I then switched it back to 1.

I was now able to post and "boot". But when I say I boot, it gets to the windows splash screen, but then "crashes" (at least my monitor doesn't get a signal) when one expects it to be starting up.

I then uninstalled the drivers totally (and also have reinstalled windows totally, this is a new build, so not the biggest deal). and it works fine (with intel graphics) until I install the catalyst drivers and then "no signal" returns (even without a reboot, as soon as they are activated), again monitor is connected via intel.

I'm so confused, have no idea how to proceed, would be fine with just getting the higher number of shaders back without an overclock.

anyone have a copy of the correct bios for me?