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[Case Gallery] Professionally Painted Computer



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-Antec 900 case
-XFX 780i SLI Motherboard
-XFX 8800 GT Alpha dog edition
-Seagate 250GB HDD
-Zalman CNPS9700NT cooling fan
-Intel Q6600 Quad-Core Processor 2.4 GHz
-OCZ 2x2GB 800MHz DDR2 RAM

No performance mods yet....

This computer was painted by a local professional tattoo/airbrush artist,he doesn't have a business to paint for anyone, so i bugged him to airbrush something cool on it. The pictures can't explain how amazing it looks. Everybody in the forums can come up with a theme for the paint job (im undecided).
-please comment below-
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May 2, 2007
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Newark ohio
System Name el'lappy|Cruncher | Cruncher 2
Processor intel C2D T6400 | i7 3770k @4.2ghz | AII X2 220 @3.4ghz
Motherboard some Acer | Asus P8Z77-V Pro |Gigabyter GA-M61p-S3
Cooling dual 80mm cooling fan | WC'ing ) |cheapo
Memory 2x2gb ddr3 | 2x2gb Ripjaws 1600 |4x512mb D9s
Video Card(s) onboard | 60 1GB(hd7770 ) |8800GTS
Storage Momuntus xt 320gb |Kingston Hyper X 120gb SATA III|500gb WD
Display(s) 17in | 42" 1080P HD 3D TV
Case lappy case | CM HAF XB |none yet
Audio Device(s) onboard | onboard | onboard
Power Supply Dell brick w/ acer end end | Antec EW 650w |Antec SP 350w(upg.soon)
Software Windows 7 Ult. 64bit---->------->
it looks nice.who ever did the paint job did good on it. need more pics of it.
Mar 5, 2007
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Chicago, IL
System Name Stealth 2 Duo Turbine
Processor Intel e6850 @ 3.8ghz
Motherboard Asus Striker Extreme
Cooling CoolerMaster V8 Modded With 2 white LED's & 100CFM fan
Memory OCZ DDR2 1066_ SLI Black-4GB
Video Card(s) 2xMSI 8800GT"s SLI
Storage <<HDD For OS>> 2x150GB_Western Digital Raptor_Raid 0. <<HDD For Storage>> 3 x 1TB
Display(s) ACER B273HU 27" LCD 2048x1152
Case Apex SuperCase_Custom 7 month Build
Audio Device(s) Striker Extreme Add-In Card HD-Audio
Power Supply EnerMax INFINITI 720watt
Software SE7VEN ULTIMATE 64bit
Benchmark Scores 3DMark01=NTTA, 3Dmark06=NTTA 3Dmark_Vantage=NTTA, Core Temp v0.99.5=28C
Professionally Painted, where, who, how much, would be some good info to share, also is there a theme to that paint. looks nice otherwise
May 25, 2008
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New York
System Name The rig :P
Processor Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4 GHz LGA775
Motherboard Asus Striker Extreme LGA775
Cooling Thermaltake Water Cooling Kit {Mounted on my case)
Memory OCZ PC2-6400 800 MHz Dual Channel
Video Card(s) PNY 8800 GTS 640MB DDR3
Storage 2x Western Digital 80GB SATA
Display(s) LG 226WTQ 2MS Response Time
Case Thermaltake Armor LCS
Audio Device(s) Sound Blaster X-Fi ExtremeGamer Fatal1ty Series Professional
Power Supply Tagan 700W Dual Engine
Software Windows XP Professional
Benchmark Scores Don't know well the overclocking yet im workin on it but on 3DMARK06 without OC i got 9022 Marks :P
get a 10/10 from me :) good cable managment nice colour paint and lot more keep the good work man :))))


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Jan 11, 2008
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Processor I7-7700K
Motherboard Asus Z270 Maximus IX Code
Cooling Custom water plus another cooler
Memory Corsair Vengeance LED Red 4x8GB 32GB 3200MHz kit
Video Card(s) 2 x MSI RX Vega 56 and a single MSI RX Vega 64 in test rig
Storage 960 EVO/960 Pro M.2 nvme 250/1TB, Samsumg 850 evo 256/ WD 1TB blue
Display(s) Nexius 32" freesync 2 HDR
Case Corsair Obsidion 650D/ cardboard box
Audio Device(s) Onboard
Power Supply EVGA Supernova G2 1300W
Mouse Mionix Naos 7000
Keyboard G15
Software Windows 10 Home
nice paint!!!! love it... but whats the purpose of the pic of a box with paper in it? gee...