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Project SR-2 Desk

Dec 17, 2011
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Now then, I was planning a new build for some time, I really fancied Silverstone cases, particularly the TJ07 or TJ11. Then a sheet of 10mm toughened glass sort of fell into my lap and sealed the deal... DESK!

I started getting parts together in late august then I was working for 6 weeks so it slowed the whole process down a bit.

The pictures are in the order I got everything with a few project log posts put together, so if something doesn’t make sense let me know and I can fix it

2x Intel Xeon 5650
24Gb Corsair Dominator
3x EVGA gtx580 SC
OCZ vertex 3 240Gb
2x Coolermaster silent pro gold 700W

EK-FB SR-2 Nickel plexi x2
EK-Supreme HF - Nickel
EK-FC580 GTX+ - Nickel x3
EK-RAM Dominator – Nickel x2
EK-Multioption RES X2 - 250 basic x2
EK d5 pump top rev 2 x2
Black Ice SR-1 360 Radiator x4
D5’s x2

It's all very shiny:

the quick test run :)

The plans for the desk had a few revisions as I was working in wales without a pc for a few weeks, so I got back at weekends with a whole different idea on how to do it.

This is what I settled on...

The desk design took a while as I have this thing for symmetry. I can make the frame at home, but the panels might have to be cut somewhere else, hence the whole desk is modeled.

This will be the first big build I've done for myself my previous builds have been nothing special, hence I'm pushing the boat out a bit.


Started making the frame this afternoon, the first three sections will take the longest so I'm starting there, here's the first round :)

The box and angle, ready to go :) together with the plans on the desk.

The first side...

The tools I think I'm going to be sick of in a few days

The last (and most awkward) side

One down... 25 to go...

You know when you draw something and think "that will be be dead simple to make"...

never again will I think that... or, I'll make everything under 750mm long (the travel on the milling machine bed:p)

Will be doing more of the same until the frame is done, so I'll post anything interesting :)


Picked up the panels on yesterday they turned out really well so hopefully I can make the desk to the same standard :) and let’s hope I didn’t miss anything when I drew them.

So here they are

I thought I'd start by making sure the motherboard tray fits, so cleaned up the edges and tapped the mounting holes.

Like a glove...

Throw in some cables

and a few blocks

Saving these till later as they'll be black sleeved

Making sure I my plan for the cables would work, I'll be tidying them up a bit but they seem to fit pretty well.

And some more of the cooling made its way here, only a few bits and pieces left now :)

And that’s pretty much it for now, got some more nuts and bolts on the way so I'll be carrying on with the frame midweek probably :)

Just a quick one, tarted up the rear panel, it still needs the hole cutting in the centre for the back of the Motherboard but I wanted to make sure the PSU's fit :)

Seems to worked well, I'll be carrying on with the frame tomorrow so hopefully I can see some parts fitting together soon.

I got bored and realised i could assemble one or two bits:)

With these :O

All the bolts for the desk (I hope)

plus a few bits and pieces

Still need to cut the hole for the back piece above, but thats some fun for another day :)

Good news everyone :)

my brother has let me use his camera so the pictures seem to have worked a bit better :) and I've pushed the boat out a bit and done a video :O

SO... I've been finishing off some of the frame, so I thought I'd play with this here camera and show you guys what I was upto.

First, sawn box section, with the outside edge touched up a bit...

As you can see, the cut face looks rubbish, and the inside edge needs a lot of attention... but if you put it on the milling machine :)

and then do this


It looks a little something like this...

and repeat...

So that's about 70% of the frame, the rest of it has 45 degree ends and could be a pain in the arse, but that's tomorrow's job :)

the pile of box section has got smaller too :)

If you guys want more videos of the making and stuff let me know :) I think this sort of stuff is interesting, but everyone else might think otherwise and to be honest, milling the ends was about the most exciting part of the frame

Only about another 100 M3 holes to drill and tap :)

Just a quick follow on from yesterday and some more video's :)

A video of one side of the smallest pieces, tried to keep it brief as it's not too thrilling, but at least you can see how I've been doing the frame.


And I got some of the 45's cut today, the longer sections, I asked my Dad (as it's his workshop) what I could use for this, as I had in mind, just a vice with a rotating bed.

I was directed towards the vice in question...

I asked "could you not find a bigger one?" I asked in jest,

"That's the medium sized one, you can get the big one out of the garage if you can lift it..."

needless to say I did not see the need for a bigger vice, as you can see this one is a little on the meaty side as is...

But it certainly holds things very still.


And the finish turned out really well :)

and then they go on the stockpile ready to be drilled and tapped tomorrow


Today was a really good day, mainly as you will see in the last three photos :) don't skip though, you'll spoil it !

to break up the tediousness of the day, I've done this update as a recipe, also my Mum was making my brothers birthday cake whilst I was working...

Today's to do list

First take your angle and square up the edge

Offset by the radius of your cutter

swap chucks

zero the Y axis

tool swap (centre drill)

score at 25mm and drill pilots then swap to 5mm drill

Get your magic magnet

Place magic magnet against the face of your angle and switch on.

release angle from the vice and rotate, then replace the angle using your magnet as a guide

repeat steps to score and drill

Enter the garage and try to spot the band saw

having located your saw, remove your bracket from the angle

take your newly liberated bracket and clamp it the the vice, then even up the edge, the same way the box section was done.

Measure the bracket and see how well your eyes did when you lined it up.

Pose your work on a non reflective surface

That kept me amused and for a little while I forgot that I needed to make 38 of these :)

But here's the best part

Grab some sections and have a play !

I think my mental age decreased to ten whilst putting these together :)

I managed to make ten this afternoon, before I retreated for food. Hopefully I can knock the rest of them out tomorrow, I had worked out some time saving methods by the 7th one :) Then maybe I can start assembling bits and cutting some more serious holes :)

And for those of you who are wondering the cake turned out pretty good too

thanks for reading guys, more to come over the weekend :)
Dec 27, 2007
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Sweet baby Jesus in heaven....

also, why no board block? :)
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Jun 4, 2011
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Marry me please
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yummmmmy! I want!


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Dec 24, 2007
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Really awesome. Can't wait to see more!
Oct 26, 2011
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Apr 19, 2008
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very interesting and awesome work... Subbed :)


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Apr 11, 2006
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Damn, that a hell of a lot of work for just a small bracket. Props to your attention to detail. :toast:


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Sep 15, 2011
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Good lord, what kind of a monster you building here?

great stuff, thanx!
Aug 17, 2009
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This is so cool. Can't wait to see more. :twitch:

And tanks for the picture of the cake. :D

John Doe

why no board block? :)
The SR-2 doesn't need to be WC'ed unless you're going extreme, which adds extra load to PLL/NF200 chips. It's onboard chipset fan is sufficient for regular usage.

OP, you missed one thing... why have you built an SR-2?


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Nov 22, 2005
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Aug 1, 2009
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Dec 17, 2011
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So the brackets are nearly done, I was worried about how long it would take to touch up the second side of the brackets...

as there was a few of them...

then the realisation that I could just put some sort of jig on the vice :D

And after that, it went quite a bit faster...


then the crap lining of that cloud...

40 of them with one side that need finishing :)

I managed 20 tonight before I got bored and am heading to the pub

thanks for reading :)


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Dec 19, 2011
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Can't wait to see the pics and benches on the finished item. Great work
Apr 19, 2008
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very professional work... Nice :)


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Aug 7, 2010
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BTW.... i noticed the sony speakers. what were u jammin to?
Oct 26, 2011
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I like the project a lot, can't wait to see more of your progress!!

Would have loved to see this one with the new SR-3 (If it ever comes out)

Still, amazing job :toast:
Dec 17, 2011
14 (0.00/day)

BTW.... i noticed the sony speakers. what were u jammin to?
was a bit of Pearl Jam at the time I think :)

Finally got the brackets finished, and started playing with the frame :) so I thought I'd throw up some pictures.

The start of the evening, find some space...

lay some parts out and try to remember how you numbered everything...

get the base together

faff about for a while because you found some holes you forgot to thread up :) then wait till the morning as the light was so terrible the pictures looked like they were on the yellow submarine

sit back and think... it's a bit big...

I've put this last image in as a bit of a teaser, I'm currently working through the panels cleaning up the edges and holes and then fitting them so those pictures will follow after Christmas :)

and... that feeling that it's a bit big soon disappears when you pop the motherboard tray in...

Thank you for all the great comments and feedback :)

Have a great Christmas.

Dec 17, 2011
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Hopefully you all had an awesome Christmas so here's what I got up to during that quiet bit on Christmas day in the afternoon when everyone is done with presents and stuff but before the food bit :)

fitted the rear panel...

was a little tight in the corners but with some light adjustment it soon looked the part

then moved onto the internal sides, you can now see where the one of the PSU's will live :)

Dropped in the panels either side of the motherboard tray

A quick shot of the grill retaining panels on the side, there are similar panels on the rear, I'll be getting to these in a day or so.

Then we flip and move onto the radiator panels...

for some reason I flipped it back and did the triangle pieces next, not entirely sure why...

you can see the third side of these is still open, I have these sections left to make, they are small but will be a pain in the arse :)

and flip back again to do the underside cover

then move onto the front underside panels, these aren't fully attached yet as the fronts and diagonals are missing.

please excuse the lighting in these last photos, I got it better nearer the end, I had a really big light and a small space to shine it :(

That's all the panels, now to see some parts in it...

now then, I was hoping to get some input on the layout, I have this space and these parts. I have yet to decide where the reservoir and pump will be, and dependant on them I will put the hard drives on various panels, so if you get some time to spare let me know what you think.:)

This is also what I intend on doing with the tops of the radiators, it looks better in real life, but I'm undecided, think I'm going to wait until the panels and frame are painted to see if it looks good. the underside will have a traditional rad grill though, not these.

and the money shot, I did all this so I know where to cut the hole in the back panel :p

Thanks for reading and sorry for the quality of the photos, the ones of the components have really shown up my camera so I'll see what I can do for the future :)

Been playing with some switches and USBs today trying to work out how they will fit into the front sections, I can do a bit more detail about how the USB came about if anyone is interested, but it was pretty straight forward, the USB socket had the common courtesy to be metric unlike motherboards

The task... put one of these, in a box section like the one next to it...

about an hour later....

I will be replacing the screws with stainless allen bolts so it matches the rest of the desk, and cutting them to length on the inside, even though you cant see them...I'll know...

On to the power switch :), this one was again pretty straight forward

And finally, the reset, I put this on the wrong side of the test piece for some reason, but the wire for this will sneak out in the gap around the back of the power switch. The switch will be underneath the section so it's not on display and the panel will cover it's screw, which will again be a stainless allen and cut to length...

The fun part of this was the spacer, as for the first time this build the lathe got involved (even if it was for about 5 minutes) if you need a 3mm internal, below 8mm external, 4.4 mm high spacer, do not spend ten minutes rooting through crap to find one... just make it...

A lot of effort for something you will never see, but again, I'll know it's there and now so do you :D

Thanks for reading, Hope everyone had a good Christmas :)
Mar 10, 2011
254 (0.08/day)

ill probably need a new keyboard today. i was drooling on it as i was scrolling though this.
Feb 7, 2009
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WOW! Very nice work Sam! :respect:

Man what I wouldn't give to have a metal workshop like that. I would be doing some crazy stuff with it! :rockout:

Can't wait to see the finished result!

Keep up the good work! :toast:
Dec 17, 2011
14 (0.00/day)
So I thought I'd throw up a quick update before I disappear for new year I've been finishing off the legs today, as the metal rod for the attachment arrived a few days ago.

After the weekend I should be powering ahead with the frame as I now have a time restraint on the use of the workshop, but I'll explain that one at the end :)

Righty, today saw the lathe coming out to play, everyone, meet the little lathe...

half a leg base and the bar to fit into it

The best part of using a lathe, it makes finishes like this take about 30 seconds

and add the little feet :)

I'll be finishing the bars next week :)

The reason why I need to stop faffing about; My Dad (proud owner of this workshop) is building a 4 inch scale traction engine, he hasn't been able to carry on with it as he's been waiting for a casting...

The cylinder block, so he needs me to get off the milling machine and clean all the aluminium off it so he can start work on this :p

Happy New Year !