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PS3 Controller On PC For Multimedia


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Mar 22, 2007
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I bought a PS3 Dualshock 3 controller today along with a Bluetooth 2.0 adapter. I play Final Fantasy XI on my PC a lot and had been using a wired PS2 controller with a USB adapter and heard there is a method to get the wireless PS3 controller working. I finally got it working using something called BtSix, and I map the buttons using another program called PPJoy. Currently I have no use for the PS Button in the middle as well as the Select button. I was wondering if there was someway to make the PS Button "Next Track" and the Select button "Previous Track", so that when I have both FFXI and Windows Media Player open I can play my game and also navigate music. I've heard of people buying Wiimote to basically setup and use as a multimedia remotes, can I bind a couple of commands to buttons on my PS3 controller?
Nov 8, 2006
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Only thing I could think of, is if the software had a record macro function.