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Qinpu V-1.8 Mini Speakers

Mar 30, 2006
1,260 (0.29/day)
Processor i5-2500K
Motherboard ASUS MAXIMUS V GENE z77
Cooling Scythe
Memory Crucial Ballistix 32GB LP DDR3-1866
Video Card(s) ATI HD6900
Storage Vertex 3 + Random storage
Display(s) Samsung 27"
Case Lian-Li
Audio Device(s) Boatloads
Power Supply 600 Watt Corsair
Software W7
Qinpu's V-1.8 mini speakers represent great value. Available for only £249 a set these speakers are ready to take on the competitors with their dual driver design and good looks.

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Feb 16, 2005
509 (0.11/day)
Processor Intel® Core™ i5-3570K
Motherboard Z77 Extreme4
Cooling Scythe Ninja 3 Rev. B
Memory Patriot DIMM 8 GB DDR3-1866 Kit (PV38G186C9KRD, Viper 3 Venom Red)
Video Card(s) Palit 650GTX 1GB DDR5
Storage 1TB SATA 600 Hitachi HDS721010DLE630
Display(s) 23" LCD TN-Film from Asus with Tilt/Pivot
Audio Device(s) onboard Sound
Power Supply BeQuiet 720W, cable management..
Software Windows 7 Pro x64
and the price...

Easy Rhino

Linux Advocate
Nov 13, 2006
14,405 (3.56/day)
System Name VHOST01 | Desktop
Processor i7 980x | i5 7500 Kaby Lake
Motherboard Gigabyte x58 Extreme | AsRock MicroATX Z170M Exteme4
Cooling Prolimatech Megahelams | Stock
Memory 6x4 GB @ 1333 | 2x 8G Gskill Aegis DDR4 2400
Video Card(s) Nvidia GT 210 | Nvidia GTX 970 FTW+
Storage 4x2 TB Enterprise RAID5 |Corsair mForce nvme 250G
Display(s) N/A | Dell 27" 1440p 8bit GSYNC
Case Lian Li ATX Mid Tower | Corsair Carbide 400C
Audio Device(s) NA | On Board
Power Supply SeaSonic 500W Gold | Seasonic SSR-650GD Flagship Prime Series 650W Gold
Mouse N/A | Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum
Keyboard N/A | Posiden Z RGB Cherry MX Brown
Software Centos 7 | Windows 10
i really like the design but i would never put them next to my computer setup :laugh:
Jun 12, 2006
399 (0.09/day)
System Name Custom AMD FX
Processor AMD FX 8320 @ 4.62GHz (225MHz Bus Speed)
Motherboard Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3P (1.0)
Cooling Corsair Seidon 240V in Push Pull
Memory 16 GB DDR3 (4x4GB)
Video Card(s) Sapphire NITRO+ Radeon RX 470 8GB
Storage 120GB ADATA SP550 + 1TB WD Black
Display(s) AOC I2369VM 23" 1920x1080
Case Phanteks Eclipse P400s Black & Red
Audio Device(s) Creative E-MU 0202 USB
Power Supply Corsair CX600M
Mouse Logitech G700
Keyboard Perixx PX-1000
Software Windows 10 Pro N x64
It would be far better value to get some slightly bigger speakers and 20W hifi amp with a xfi card for the price.

I currently have X-Fi XtremeMusic with a Mission-Cyrus One amp (amazing amp for 20 years old) with Mission M30i speakers. Sound is fantastic with brilliant bass, mids and highs.

I like how they have made the old look, but dont think this would be well suited for a computing environment, maybe a living room or something.