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Q's about Partitions xp vista etc


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Oct 28, 2007
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I will be getting a 500gig hdd, I want to split it into a few partitions. These are:
apps music everything else
maybe ubuntu or linux :laugh:

I have the choice of installing xp and vista, which one would i install on my new system first. Then how will I split the hdd into partitions after or would this have to be done before, when installing the os. If so can u give me an idea on how big each partition should be for the os's

Thanks alot
Oct 18, 2007
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I have found out the hard way that when using a SATA drive, when you go back to reinstall XP that it will NOT know that there is any other partitions on that drive, thus you will LOSE the contents of the entire drive, as such any and all other partitions on the drive will be lost.
As far as which to install first, i can't say firsthand.
I had liked to keep my OS partitions to about 25GB's on PATA drives, so that when I did go back to reinstall a fresh copy, there was only a small amount of data that needed to be "moved" off to have a format/fresh install.
As I now know, it makes no differance what size I use on the SATA drive partition that I use as primary OS, I will lose the entire drive on a reinstall of XP.
Hopefully, Vista install can see a partitioned SATA drive, and be more foregiving :)
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Nov 14, 2007
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I would also like some good tips on doing this. I plan on possibly doing a dual boot of Vista, and XP. I'll be installing Vista from the start, and then a month down the road probably doing XP.


Sep 27, 2006
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you have to install xp before you install vista or you will lose everything