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Question about my power supply


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Jan 26, 2006
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I have a Dell Dimension 4700. It has a P4 520 which is the Prescott 2.8 GHz CPU with 1GB DDR2 RAM. It has just the Intel GMA900 on board video. I would like to upgrade the video so I purchased a Sapphire ATI X800-GTO2 video card. On the newegg website under system requirements it says a minimum of a 300W power supply is required. I looked through the manual for the computer and it states that the power is a 305W model. The only items installed are a WD 80GB SATA hard drive and a NEC 16X DVD burner. Will this power supply be enough to power the system with the new video card. If its not and I need to upgrade the PSU does anybody know if a standard PSU will work in my Dell. I know at one point Dell mobo's didnt use standard plugs, they had a proprietary plug setup. Thanks for your help.
Jan 15, 2005
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System Name Jimmy 2004's PC
Processor S754 AMD Athlon64 3200+ @ 2640MHz
Motherboard ASUS K8N
Cooling AC Freezer 64 Pro + Zalman VF1000 + 5x120mm Antec TriCool Case Fans
Memory 1GB Kingston PC3200 (2x512MB)
Video Card(s) Saphire 256MB X800 GTO @ 450MHz/560MHz (Core/Memory)
Storage 500GB Western Digital SATA II + 80GB Maxtor DiamondMax SATA
Display(s) Digimate 17" TFT (1280x1024)
Case Antec P182
Audio Device(s) Audigy 4 + Creative Inspire T7900 7.1 Speakers
Power Supply Corsair HX520W
Software Windows XP Home
I would think your PSU should be ok to handle that card... but as for upgrading, I've heard stoires of people frying their motherboards using normal PSUs rather than dell ones.