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Quick Look: PowerColor x Ducky One 2 SF


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Jul 1, 2014
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PowerColor joins the competitive mechanical keyboard market with the PowerColor x Ducky One 2 SF. It is a take on Ducky's popular 65% keyboard with a two-tone black and red case to go with a new keycap set and retains the doubleshot PBT construction and 16.8 M per-key RGB backlighting.

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Oct 27, 2014
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I'm glad to see them partnering with Ducky, they have a proven tech, really good keyboards and this PowerColor twist, the design actually looks pretty cool. I might just get one to match the rest of my Red Devil gaming PC build.
Dec 4, 2021
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I am writing this on a Ducky One 2 SF with MX Blues. The reviewer is esentially spot-on with this article. The One 2 SF is still a very good keyboard but its feature set is beginning to be outdated. Especially so considering the new generation of Ducky One 3 keebs are factory-equipped with noise-dampening case foam, silicone plate foam, lubed stabilizers and hot-swappable switches.
However, I personally would prefer the One 2 SF's minimalist casing design to the slightly bulkier and more playful one of the One 3 generation. Another upside of the PowerColor x Ducky One 2 SF model is its combination of an ISO layout with Kailh box switches (though I'm uncertain if this configuration has been on offer before). Perhaps more importantly, the PowerColor x Ducky One 2 SF retains the gorgeous translucent keycaps of earlier models in the One 2 SF line while the new Ducky line of models so far has no shine-throughs. In view of the One 2 SF's brilliant RGB lighting, this is a huge plus of the older One 2 SF generation in my eyes. These advantages may make the PowerColor x Ducky One 2 SF interesting to more than just collectors who are after the PowerColor keycaps and the red bottom case.
Feb 23, 2019
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This one is just a swan song of One 2 design.
Ducky needs to tone down the colors on One 3 - everywhere I look I see people complaining about fugly colors that don't match anything. It's like they made it for kids that play Fortnite.