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Radeon 9500 > 9700 Pro...trouble a year and a half later??

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Trios, Sep 22, 2004.

  1. Trios Guest

    I've had my 9500 non-pro for well over a year now, and when I first softmodded it it worked great and as with everyone else I got much better 3dmark scores. Because the softmod worked so well, I figured I'd pull of the HSF and do the hard mod....and then I decided to lap the heat sink...and then I replaced the heat sink with a CPU hsf...and overclocked the bugger (3.3ns memory so 310 is my max mem, but around 350 core), and have been running it that way for a very long time.

    Now, over the last 2-3 days, I've been getting the dreaded checkerboarding. I've had a couple problems with the hardmod before, I use conductive paint to link the resistors together on the card and once or twice I've had to touch it up cuz the card decided it was a 9500 again (even with the 9700 pro flash that I did with the hardmod). However, I've never once seen checkerboarding except when I had my memory OC'd to like 325 about a year ago on a test and then I shut down, slowed down, and never saw it again.

    I only seem to see the checkerboarding in 3D things and I'm not sure whether its just D3D, OGL, or both. It's kind of different than any checkerboarding I've seen posted before though, instead of actual black and white boxes its more as if the textures are somehow messed up where, say, in the Catalyst Control center test, where the car's spoiler is supposed to be flat and nice looking and it looks....well...

    That just isn't right...and almost all my games look like this. The only one that doesn't is quite old (Birth of the Federation) and I'm not even sure what kind of 3D engine it runs, especially since most of your time is spent in 2D anyhow.

    So basically I'm just wondering if anyone has an idea of why my video card would just randomly spout off like this. No new hardware, no new software, just a sudden change without warning and no explanation.


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