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Raidmax Hyperion


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Jul 8, 2005
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Extremely compact, able to use 240 mm radiators and a 5.25" drive at the same time, all while holding five hard drives, a mATX board, and that high-end GPU: does it sound too good to be true? Well, the Raidmax Hyperion offers all that and can be had in four different colors and at an attractive price to boot.

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Apr 20, 2007
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Hyperion..... That name reminds me of the days when VIA used to make chipsets for motherboards.
Feb 23, 2008
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Not bad, looks like a decent alternative to the Carbide 240.
Though the power button on the top makes it a hard choice for people with pets, especially cats.
Jun 12, 2009
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I read through the review to confirm my suspicion from the first picture...the 5.25" drive bay is just a cover. I know those drives are going out of favor in some people's opinion, but if they're going to make non-black cases, they really need to have a stealthed door that matches the case color.


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Jul 31, 2014
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I can't figure out how those front fans get fresh air, where do they breath from?
Jul 19, 2009
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The specs on Raidmax website says you can mount a 200mm fan in the front. Can you confirm this? I cannot tell from the pics.
Jun 7, 2009
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The specs on Raidmax website says you can mount a 200mm fan in the front. Can you confirm this? I cannot tell from the pics.
There's two centered sets of four holes on the front for something, but even the widest pair doesn't look to be 200 mm wide. Then there's also a smaller set of four holes in between what I assume to be the two 120 mm mounting holes... weird.

The specs on the site also say the top can fit a 200, but the review says it's a 180. Also weird.
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Mar 26, 2010
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I can't figure out how those front fans get fresh air, where do they breath from?
front behind the bezel and from bottom of the case, except you wanna change the fan configuration
Apr 5, 2005
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Looks good, will go well with my Big Sub in my living room!!
May 9, 2012
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Hyperion..... That name reminds me of the days when VIA used to make chipsets for motherboards.
totally thought about that at first :D

on the topic: that's a nice and cheap(price) case, kinda like it, altho with my actual need it would be too small :roll: even with a mATX mobo nothing else than 1 240X30 rad, SSD, 1 HDD(on 2), single loop WCooling(instead of dual) would fit, tho the 5.25 would not be a problem in my case (i already removed the one in my AIR 540 to place 1 of the 2 res) since i use a external ODD when needed. (and a single loop cooling with 1 4690K and a 290 both OC'ed on a single 240X30mm rad would be ... a bad idea :p )

Looks good, will go well with my Big Sub in my living room!!
well at last none say to you "ohhh nice Sub!" when they are looking at your Sugo SG05 or a Elite 110 sitting near your TV :D
the funniest is when they realize the "Sub" they see has a white fan and a Slim ODD in front and say "uh? your Sub need a fan to cool it? and what's the use of the ODD?"

Stephen Healy

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Jul 20, 2015
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On the bottom fans there is a bit of space - reckon you could get 140mm fans in 120mm fittings squeezed in there?

Also, where on earth can you buy these in the UK? Can only find Ebuyer stock in Black, and even then it isn't Raidmax, it's 'Element Gaming'. Think i would go for this in white or titanium.