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Range of energies for the Higgs boson significantly narrowed.

Discussion in 'Science & Technology' started by twilyth, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. twilyth Guest

    The biggest (and maybe only) range left that is possible for the Higgs under the current standard model is 114Gev to 145Gev. Everything below 114 has been eliminated with 95% confidence. Everything from 145Gev to 466Gev has been eliminated now by LHC to 95% confidence - although a chunk of that was previously eliminated by other accelerators.

    NOTE: Graphic is from Wikipedia and with this news from LHC is now out of date.

    If I read everything correctly, it's possible for the Higgs to exist above 466Gev but it would require either a new theory or modifications of the standard model.

    From second link:

    Large Hadron Collider proton-proton collision in which two energetic electrons
    and two energetic muons are observed—the type of event that the decay of a
    Higgs boson might produce, although there are other explanations as well.
    © 2011 CERN
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    I nearly pooped when I heard that the top quark has a mass of around 172GeV. It hurts my noggin to think that one of the fermions has a mass on the scale of a gold atom.

    I was just browsing Cern's site and I found this:

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