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RBE / 5770 fan speed question


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Nov 8, 2019
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tl;dr: Why might 5770 fan speed be controllable with MSI Afterburner, but not with RBE Fan Settings adjustments?

I pulled an ATI Radeon HD 5770 out of an old Dell for use in a project where I don't need high-performance gaming, but do need to be able to drive three monitors.

It worked for this purpose once I used RBE to bump the UVD RAM speed up to 1200 MHz to stop the second and third monitors from glitching when the card went in and out of UVD, thanks to tips I read here and elsewhere online.

Because the old fan was very noisy and cleaning/repasting didn't help, I replaced the stock cooler with an Arctic Accelero LS Plus.

It's fairly quiet now, but for the purposes of my project, I'd like to make it quieter.

I've tried both transfer function and look-up table adjustments in RBE, but they have little or no effect--the fan just keeps running around 45% speed with the GPU at 45 C.

MSI Afterburner is able to control the fan speed, so there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the card or cooler.

I'm running the Crimson drivers/software package, and Global Overdrive is not activated.

I wonder if a driver is stepping on my RBE fan tweaks, but I'm no expert in this area.

Both because I'm enjoying geeking out on this and because I'd like to solve this without having to run additional software...does anyone know why the 5770 might not respect RBE fan adjustments, or how I might overcome it?

Thanks for any help!
Feb 3, 2019
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I wonder if its that the PWM fan is different from the original. Is my first guess. Not sure, would have to test with original fan.

Nice job modding though!!


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Nov 8, 2019
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Thanks for the compliment! It is satisfying to pull an old board out of a junk pile and update it.

I like your thinking, @ShrimpBrime, though I should've said in the first place that it did behave this way (hanging around 45% fan speed, no matter my RBE transfer to look-up table tweaks) even before I swapped out the stock cooler.

So, any other thoughts on how to successfully control fan speed with RBE (and without third-party software) are welcome!
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Jun 29, 2009
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some other software running like from a AIO watercooler or speedfan ?