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RBE + HD3870x2 + newer bios file?

Discussion in 'AMD / ATI' started by max_e_mum610, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. max_e_mum610 New Member

    Apr 25, 2010
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    I've just built a Tyan S2915

    I bought the motherboard from China (taobao)
    and the HD3870x2 also came from that way costing $170 secondhand(?)

    I did load XP and am now trying Windose7 x64 (do own XP x64 too)

    I put an ATI HD3870x2 in and have since found some problems

    Fan Noise
    I have deduced that the impeller is hitting the shroud, so I have to run the machine on its side.
    I have read that there is a plastic type washer that holds the impeller to the shaft (I think) and that gets weak. My last effort of dismantling the card failed, but will try again - this time taking the cooler backplates (crosses) off.

    Heat and instability
    I live in the tropics and a nice comfortable day can be 25 degrees celcius - no airconditioning needed for me.
    The impeller would wirr during boot
    but during, at all but idle, it would just tick over and the temps would rise and the card becomes unstable.
    I have plenty of air entering and exiting
    I seem incapable of getting RivaTuner to work (need to read instructions maybe)
    Have since loaded GPU-Z
    And Radeon Bios Editor (RBE)
    the Winflash

    and the latest vgabios seems to have overdrive active
    my present bios says ver010. I can't change the fan settings
    the newer bios says ver010. I can change the fan settings

    Can I load the newer HD3870x2 bios file into RBE and use RBE to then upload it to the card?
    Do I have to use the current working bios? (yes, threw another Q/A into it)

    My understanding is that because this is crossfire on a single card the overdrive facilties are not available in Catalyst CC. This kind of makes you wonder about how all of those that write about not changing you fan setting 'cause ATI say these cards run hot',

    no electonics should run hot!

    by turning overdrive off they must think that the card is tweaked high enough, but having a super quiet vga fan being more important than cooling efficency is just plain stupid.
    I'm sure we can blame the marketing dept for this and the thing about them getting hot - that its OK.

    I have created a profile in CCC and edited it, thus I will be able to run the fan from the card again instead of the mobo 3pin fan header - the vga fan is at full volume at 100% speed.

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