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Rebuild (light upgrade) my PC

May 18, 2009
352 (0.11/day)
czech republic
System Name AMD forever, AMD overclocker
Processor Athlon 3000+ Venice, Athlon x2 4600+ EE Windsor,x4 955 BE@3.9GHz AIR, X4 965 BE, x4 970 BE, x6 1090T
Motherboard Asus C5F-Z, Asus C5F, Asus C4E, Asus C4F, Asus RIIIE, Asus R4E, Asus M5F, Asus M6F, Asus M7H,
Cooling Corsair H100, Swiftech H220, CM Hyper 212, Xigmatek 1283 DK+Ultra Kaze, CM V6GT, Noctua NHD14
Memory Kingston Hyper X, 1600 A-Data 2000x, Corsair Dominator GT 2000 MHz, GSkill TridentX 2400MHz, HyperX
Video Card(s) HD3870 512MB GDDR4, HD5770 1024MB GDDR5, ATI HD4870, HD 6870 GDDR5, HD 7870,Radeon R9-270X
Storage 2x 320GB WD+Samsung, 1x 500 GB Samsung, SSD X-25, SSD HyperX, SSD Seagate, SSD Corsair GT
Display(s) BenQ 24" 24XL
Case HAF 922, Aspire X-Cruiser, benchtable Wroom
Power Supply Seasonic 500W and Seasonic 650W, Corsair AX 1200W, Zalman Goldrock 750, Galaxy OC edition 1200W
Software x64 win 7 and x86 Win XP SP3
Benchmark Scores you rather I do not want to see .. :-D !!!Thuban coming soon, new secret Gigabyte mobo too !!!
So, nothing news at AMD, maybe FX Vishera is the last one enthusiast CPU:confused:. Unfortunatelly:(. So for glory I must change few components. My old work PC was Visheras, new is Vishera too. But..

Old one:
FX-8350 1229PGN, great one, 5700+ validation with 20 C ambients, 5 GHz stable for 30 minutes
Corsair H100, very loud pump after almost 3 years :)
Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z 990FX
Asus HD6870 DirectCu TOP
2x 4GB GSkill TridentX 2400 MHz cl10
Many HHD+1x SSD HyperX 3K 240 GB

So, I wanted clean CPU and after few months installing bought new cooler and GPU. New components for upgrade were Saphire R9-270X Toxic, yes, I have Asus version too but Asus I need for benchmarking and writing the reviews.
Next component is Swiftech H220 allinone liquid cooling. I bought two Corsair fans into the case. And I was thinking some time for CPU...Ok, I wanna try FX-9590 in my daily setup :). Good one, not the best. 1.4 V and 4700 MHz seems not bad for me.

lovely Swiftech

Cleaning and remounting old components. I was surprised about dusts in radiator...And Ultra Kaze 3000rpm as bonus fan :)

There is old one HD 6870

You can see my PSU :)

FX-9590 1327PGS

CPU block is at CPU, now snap the radiator

PC need GPU :)

New PC is finish :)

And performance? Old one I used ussualy at decent settings, I tested new 3D Mark Sky Diver:

With new settings, thanks to GPU mainly, the score is double almost.