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Recording good audio with a laptop and a Huawei P20 pro: tutorials and music

Aug 22, 2019
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Hi everyone,

I have run into two scenarios and would like feedback / help on how to do this

Scenario 1 - Microphone + Cellphone
First scenario is how can I record decent/ good audio with a Huawei P20 pro?

Option 1: to buy a TRS-TRRS Adapter
this youtube video shows how to make it work with a external wireless mic.

My question: Which microphone would you recommend to get good sound quality for a smartphone like p20 pro?
A wireless or wired mic? any brands i should consider for good audio? This will be for making some HowTO tutorials and some Vlogs.

Scenerio 2 Recording good sound directly into a Laptop
What microphone would make decent audio for singing, recording voiceover or just general talks at the computer? (not more than $400)
I have a laptop (might get a used Lenovo t480) , A digital piano and Scarlet i2i2 Interface and I want to record everything into the laptop i just need a good microphone recommendation.

UPDATE: For goot sound into laptop I will try Scarlett interface + Shure SM58 LC
Jan 30, 2018
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I'm currently using this microphone
It's a cheap entry-level condenser microphone (costs around 40-50 Euro = $50-60) . I made the TRS-TRRS adapter myself, also made a TRS-3,5mm stereo jack adapter for my laptop.
Both smartphone and laptop recording work flawlessly because the microprohe uses internal power (one AA battery). I record mostly vocals, but it works nicely for instruments too.
Some microphones expect the recording equipment (laptop/phone/camera) to supply electricity (around 1-2V DC) for it to work (that's the case with my RODE Videomic Go - it works with my Canon camera but not sure it will work with laptop or smartphone - need to try some day).

The Scarlett will be perfect for recording on a laptop, but will not solve the smartphone recording. The Dynamic Shure SM58 LC will not work with the smartphone microphone input without a pre-amp.

Edit: it might work, the SCM200 sensitivity is -43 dB/Pa, while the SM58 has -56dB/Pa (4.46 times less). If the smartphone mic amplifier is good enough it can make up for the 13 dB loss of sensitivity.
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