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Reliability or Future Proofing


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Dec 31, 2009
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Processor Intel Pentium Dual Core E8400 @ 4.0 GHz (1.33 volts)
Motherboard Gigabyte GA EP45-UD3R Rev. 1.1
Cooling Corsair Hydro Series H50
Memory Team Xtreem Dark DDR2-1066 CAS5
Video Card(s) Galaxy Nvidia 9800GT 512MB GDDR3
Storage 2 x 80 GB Seagate Barracuda 7200 RPM
Display(s) Samsung SyncMaster 2232GW
Case Silverstone Fortress FT01
Audio Device(s) On-board
Power Supply Silverstone Strider ST50F
I have a small cash for an upgrade and I'm kinda torn between 2 SSDs; Intel 320 and the OCZ Vertex 3 both 120 GB. These 2 are the easiest to get where I'm from and is within my budget if you're wondering. The reasons are as follows:

  • Intel 320 - proven reliable, fits my current setup, 5-year warranty (I don't upgrade often)
  • OCZ Vertex 3 - cheaper, a little future proofing, speeds, etc.

My current setup is SATA II (x58), I don't upgrade often (probably will in the next year or 2). Which one would you get?