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Replacing thermal paste on a 9800 Pro

Nov 26, 2007
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This is an old Dell OEM 9800 Pro I have replaced with an X1950 Pro. It's working it's just got old thermal paste that I want to replace the thermal paste, but this is my first venture into GPU maintenance. The main problem I have is the second push pin holding the heatsink down will not come off and I'm afraid I'll break something. I'm guessing removing/replacing the TIM is the same as it would be on a CPU, but I'd rather get help and get it right than do something stupid. I wanted to use some AS5 or the remainder of the Antec Formula 5 I have (suggestions on TIM please). I also would like suggestions on how best to clean the fan. I used a small vacuum with extension to get it as "clean" as it is now:ohwell:.



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Aug 6, 2006
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I always use pliers to get those kinds of heatsinks off. Gently Squeeze the the other push pin and pull at the same time. Always worked for me.
Jun 5, 2005
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well you'll have to remove the HSF in order to clean/apply the TIM so be carefull getting that last pin off, try puhing down on the pin and squezing the tab's from the backside with a pair of plier's ;)

the process is pretty much the same as a CPU.

i use isopropyl alcohol and cotton swab's to do the clean up.

personally i use AS5 on my GPU just be VERY carefull not to get any of it on the surrounding area as it IS conductive.

do you have a vaccuum attachment with bristle's or a can of compressed air?



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Aug 8, 2007
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acperience7, I have a Arctic Cooling VGA Slilencer Rev.3 that I used on my 9800 Pro 128mb until I killed it with mods:eek:. This cooler is far superior to the stock cooler and needed if overclocking is considered. It does take up another slot, but it exhausts the heat out of the case. It is very quiet as well.

I am willing to give/ship to you for free, as I no longer use it and have moved on to 3800/4800 series. I have tremendous respect for the 9800 Pro and what it did for graphics just 4-5 years ago. I remember when it was the big boy on the block.:respect: Ahhh....those were the days......:pimp:

PM me if you are interested.