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[Review] E-Blue Scorpion Gaming Mouse

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Aksh_47, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. Aksh_47 New Member

    Apr 24, 2012
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    Goa, India
    Hi guys, today ill be reviewing the Scorpion Gaming mouse from E-Blue, now most of you must not have heard about this brand, as its only available in certain regions. And before starting with anything else i would like to tell you that this is a $12 mouse, so dont expect big things from it :D

    So, lets start with the review.

    As any review, ill start with the specifications of this mouse.


    Product Code : EMS084I00
    Dimensions : 126x63x40mm
    Buttons : 7
    Interface : USB
    Working mode : Optical
    Resolution : 3200DPI
    Frame Rate : 7080fps
    Polling rate : 1000Mhz
    Rated voltage : 3V

    Okay, so those were the specifications, now lets see the product packaging.



    So, the mouse comes in a pretty decent packaging, with product information and images of the mouse all over the box, as any other product. You don't get any fancy goodies like stickers or such, there is only a piece or paper or rather the manual inside which gives u the necessary instructions in various languages. Overall, the packaging is much better than other mice which you can get for this price.

    So now lets have a look at the mouse itself.

    The left side of the mouse.


    The top view.

    The right side of the mouse.

    The bottom.

    The chord.

    So, it isn't the best looking mouse, but it isn't the worst also. Ergonomics wise, u get hollows for placing your fingers on either side of the mouse, and slight depressions on the left and right mouse buttons. The mouse, as can be seen from the specs, is about 13cm long, and should be suitable for palm grip for people with small or medium sized hands. It also has some kind of 'anti-sweat' coating. Overall, its very comfortable to use, even for long hours. Lets move on to the buttons..


    To the left side of the mouse you have 2 buttons that allow you to go forward and backward through web pages. In the games i played, i used them to melee, and to throw grenades in shooter games. The buttons are easy to reach, they aren't rigid or anything and can be used easily.


    On the right side of the mouse you have the DPI and the auto fire switch. This mouse features 2 level of DPI settings, 1600 DPI and 3200 DPI, on the 1st setting the mouse is easy to use but becomes quite shaky with the 3200 DPI setting. I feel there should have been 4 levels, with 800 DPI being the base as in some games its too sensitive even with 1600DPI, but again, its personal preference.

    Moving on, for those who aren't aware, the auto-fire button when pressed stimulates pressing of the mouse key multiple times by just pressing it once. The auto-fire does work, in certain games though, its quite useful in shooter games. But it also can be annoying some times while browsing the web or just searching files on your computer.

    Moving on to the lighting..



    So you can see that both sides and the scroll light up with red, i feel it looks quite cool :)

    So moving on to the conclusions..

    Pros :
    1. Cheap, for $12 this is one of the best mouse you can get.
    2. Driver less, so you don't have to worry about installing additional soft wares to run this thing, but it can also be bad.
    3. Comfortable to use, with its anti sweat coating, big size, and some ergonomics, its quite comfortable even for long hours of usage.
    4. Can scale upto 3200 DPI, has 1000Mhz polling rate, which is quite high for a mouse of this range.
    5. Auto fire button, which is again quite an additional bonus at the price.
    6. Cool lighting.
    7. Long chord.

    Cons :

    1. The buttons on the left side may be difficult to reach to for some.
    2. Cheap quality mouse feet.
    3. The chord used is somewhat cheap.
    4. Driver less, so buttons are not programmable as you want.
    5. The buttons on the left side are somewhat cheap.

    Conclusion :

    For $12, this is a great mouse, at least much better than the regular mice. Its comfortable, has side buttons, 3200 DPI. Although it has some cons, they can be overlooked looking at the price you pay and the features you get. Overall, id say for someone who wants who wants to get the feel of a gaming mouse, without breaking the bank, this is for you. Highly recommend for anyone wanting a low cost gaming mouse.

    Cheers :toast:
  2. FreedomEclipse

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    Apr 20, 2007
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    It looks like a poor mans razer deathadder. but with added gimmicky light effects to make it more desirable.

    IMO customisability is key when it comes to gaming mice otherwise why bother at all? might as well pick up any $5 microsoft mouse off the shelf and use that instead
    Bo$$ says thanks.
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  3. Bo$$

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    May 7, 2009
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    London, UK
    Just get a Razer diamondback 3g Super cheap and ultra responsive..

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