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Rosewill RK-9100 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Frederik S, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. Frederik S Staff

    Mar 30, 2006
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    Rosewill recently updated its mechanical gaming keyboard lineup with the introduction of the RK-9100. New for the 9100-series keyboards are LED lit key modes. This keyboard features the same sturdy steel base plate design as its predecessor.

    To read this review go to: https://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/Rosewill/RK-9100/
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  2. Kenshai

    Mar 2, 2008
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    Raleigh, North Carolina
    Blues have tactile and audible click. More similar to browns than reds. More pressure than both reds and browns.

    They are delightful to type on.
  3. ALMOSTunseen


    Sep 8, 2012
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    Sydney, Australia
    Just a typo I found-
    "The only logo on the keyboard is in the top-left corner; it is low-key. "
    Supposed to be top-right corner

    Great review!
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  4. Aquinus

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    Jan 28, 2012
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    I recently got one of these myself and I love it. If you're getting blue switches, there is a reason why you're getting that keyboard. I don't game a lot, a do occasionally but I mostly type on my computer. Honestly, the clicking doesn't bother me.

    I'm a little confused by a couple of the cons though.

    As far as price is concerned, it's cheaper than a lot of other variants and if you get it at the right time (like I did,) you can get it on sale. I ended up paying 120 USD to have it overnighted to my place from Newegg. If I got it a day earlier I would have gotten it for 12 dollars less than that... sales aside though, relatively speaking the price isn't bad compared to other full sized mechanical keyboards.

    No driver suite isn't necessarily a bad thing. Simple keyboard means it will work on everything and that any feature I have now in Windows will also be available to me in Linux or OS X. There is also less that can go wrong, so I prefer simple keyboard drivers.

    Lastly, how are green LEDs bad for the lock keys? I personally like them, what's so bad about them? For the price of the keyboard I wouldn't expect them to make the backlighting and lock colors customizable. I much rather have the light on the lock key rather than on an indicator panel to be honest. I think they did it pretty well.

    Thanks for the review, but I would have given it a 9.0 instead if I was reviewing it. That might just be because the sound doesn't bother me, I prefer the blue and green colors, I got it on sale, I prefer simple, and I type more than I game. :p

    Also, my unboxing was here: http://www.techpowerup.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2874246&postcount=6090

    Logo is also on the back label too, but it's not like you're always looking at the back of your keyboard though.
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  5. AsRock

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    Jun 23, 2007
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    Shame it not programmable but you got a negative for it being driver less which i see as a plus as there is less conflicts.. And if it did have drivers i be thinking WTF another company that just want to start on boot which i am sick of that shit.

    Why i say this that the Razer software and the Steal Series software do not get along with each other 100%.
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