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Rtx 3080 light disable

Mar 30, 2020
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Ok maybe a touch early but I've read up a little on it and it seems to be an issue. Doing a build for a customer (I'm not an IT guy) he just happens to be one of my good customers. I need this to be a sorta silent build sound and light wise. To my surprise when I got it built and got into bios I was noticing light dancing around in my office. The stupid gigabyte light is bright enough to get out of the case and actually be noticed with lights on in the room. From what I've read disabling this with software doesn't seem to work. I found the plug for the light but for the life of me I can not get it unplugged. I have an assortment of little tools. Just looking for tips or suggestions for those of you that had the heatsinks off of gpus and had to fight those connections off. Or any other ideas that maybe aren't black tape(last resort) and because I have a brand new GPU that's a little rich for my blood I won't be ripping it apart like I've done 1070s.

I know I just posted but I did get it disconnected. Small enough flat blade screw driver to get between the header and connector to pop it then tweezers to pull it down. Word of caution for anyone else that wants to do this. You need to get between the header and connector. It seemed like I was going to yank the header off the board earlier.


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