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Rx 570 4gb device ID of a rx 580 8gb-Mining bios help :(


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Nov 19, 2019
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I somehow have a sapphire rx 570 4gb pulse edition with a device Id of a sapphire rx 580 8gb pulse edition. It’s in a mining bios atm and when I try to flash it back to the original, I get “subsystem Id mismatch”
Any thoughts on how to get it back? How did the previous owner even flash it to another card? Im trying to use it for some gaming so should i just try flashing it to the original bios of a rx 580 8 gb pulse? Ive only tried using atiflash. I have flashed multiple cards before with atiflash so i dont think thats the issue.

Physical condition
Seller said he only used it for mining for a few months and it sat in the closet for a while. Came with the box, card has minimal dust, no rust at all on copper pipes or io shield, no bulging capacitors. The sticker on the card says its a sapphire rx 570 4gb dual fan pulse model. And the warranty voided stickers on top of the backplate/cooler screws are untouched so i dont think the previous owner slapped on a different cooler.

attached are the pictures of 1) model # on cooler 2) gpu-z 3) current vbios from atiflash

Any help is appreciated!


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Oct 22, 2014
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I think you're confused as the device I.D. is also for your card.

There is nothing in the pictures you posted to indicate it has been flashed to RX580 or has 8GB.


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Nov 19, 2019
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Wait now im confused, isnt this the device ID for the 580 8gb? welp i guess its not a 580 8gb but im still not sure whats causing the subsystem id mismatch. Because the verified version of the 570 4gb pulse shows a different subsystem id


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Jul 21, 2021
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I have same issue with my Pulse RX570. I`m tired of using [Amd/Ati Pixel Clock Patcher] each time I receive updates from AMD. I decided to find Original Bios but the problem as you mentioned was
[Subsystem ID Mismatch]

I found that my RX570 Subsystem ID belongs to RX580 )))
Currently I flashed to RX580 Bios
Temperature in idle is bit high but not a problem for me
I`m bit afraid of GPU Clock is too high now...
I will test in Crysis 1

Driver Version was successfully Updated to Latest 21.6.1


I contacted to Sapphire but they didn`t give me Proper vBIOS yet
I rewrote Pule RX570 Bios using this link

Revrite AMD Bios without Promting Mismatch


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