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Rx580 gigabyte 4gb Lost smd capacitor


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Jun 10, 2021
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Hello. I just want to ask you, maybe you know why this gpu is not working. My system worked fine, but when I changed the thermal paste I just blew out an smd capacitor. Tried soldering it again but one of the side parts was broken. Finally just lost this capacitor. The card not entering BIOS and not posting any image. Only have LED VGA on mobo, fans working. Maybe you can help because I have no idea what this smd capacitor is, just that it is 1mm large. Maybe a 0402 series but I don't know its value. I put a picture of rx480 are not the same but close. Maybe you can help?

I have some 1uF 0402, but now I'm thinking in go to buy a 100nF smd capacitor because maybe 1uF is too low for Polaris. But i dont know. Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi and welcome, this is an English speaking forum, please use a translator if you have difficulties, you will get more responses that way otherwise each of our non Spanish speaking members will have to translate in order to help.
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When it "burnt", it probably took out something else. But seeing as your English is not good hard to tell....


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Jun 10, 2021
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Cuando se "quemó", probablemente sacó algo más. Pero dado que tu inglés no es bueno, es difícil de decir ...
Btw. I will explain better what happened.

1- I decided to reinstall thermal paste in. (I have this card since two years. The card has never exceeded 75 degrees, I prefer to have the fans at 100% since in china for example they are cheap).
2- I remember testing the board before trying to solder the crooked capacitor a bit (the constante LED VGA was in.
3- Watched the condenser smd moved but didnt give any importance to it (Usually they're filters. But i tried to put a bit of solder on It. But one of the fins was no longer on the capacitor, so apparently the tin didn't stick properly).
4- From what I saw later the tin adhered a little to the capacitor and the rest to the pin of the mobo. The card booted up (doing clear cmos) and it was starting like this. One day I got the computer to stay on for 8 hours. but at night the screen began to flash in black and white and finally did not give a signal. And the constant led came back.
5- The next day it started again. I cleaned it every day with alcohol and cotton swabs to see if there was any copper or metal flake making bad contact. And it worked again for about 8 hours (with clear CMOS). Took a nap and when I woke up the screen was off. The day before I could also see how shortly after the white blinks, it turned completely black. But the pc did not turn off. I have not seen artifacts. From then on it didn't turn on anymore and that's where I'm stuck so far.
I also have a fairly powerful air blower that I use with every alcohol cleaning. It is not a compressor. In order not to leave any type of corrosion (I do not appreciate it, the contacts seem perfectly silver).
6- As with every alcohol cleaning every day to try to start the gpu I have not seen anything broken I looked at the condenser again. And then I saw it a little crooked again. But as I already know what happens when one of the fins of these condensers breaks I was hesitant, but decided to try it in case there was a little fin left in it. So I put the soldering iron on it and the small smd capacitor stuck to the tip of my soldering iron and outside the card it was hardly visible and I lost it. I'm sure it wasn't burned. It just broke (I must have broken it with the screwdriver or wrench and that's why it looked crooked on the plate, one of the fins got stuck and the condenser moved).
7- As I have said now the card is dead. by the way the gpu gets quite hot without the heatsink and you have to be fast when testing it. Just a clear cmos makes it hot. And when it burns my finger I turn it off. Since the capacitor is off the board I have only tried it once. And what it did was give me a constant red vga led.

At the moment I am waiting for a 7870HD that I have to test it. I do not want to connect it anymore seeing that it does not turn on without this part 1 time is enough to know that it fails (previously it never failed, I think it is the capacitor, as I say I have inspected the board a lot and I do not see any more missing or broken parts). If it boots perfectly several times I will discard the motherboard or the source (it is a 1000W antec hcg) the motherboard is a M5A97 Evo R2. And the cpu a stock FX8350. The board perfectly shows the sequence of LEDs up to vga where it gets stuck and stays there infinitely. Without the GPU it just shows simultaneous VGA LED and BOOT LED.

That's why I tell you that I have these 1uF smd 0402 capacitors and I ask you if you think that putting 1 will be enough. I don't want to completely screw up my card these days. But I also have nothing to lose since it has become clear that it does not work.

I have the tools. both flux and soldering station with fine tips, fine tin, heat gun, I just need to know an approximate measurement. Well, I'm not an expert on these issues, but many are (I don't even know what that little black box is, or the silver box near it .I can attach a photo of the back where it seems that this circuit somehow joins a chip with 6 legs, it looks like a mosfet but I don't think so).

What seems to be joined with or at the back I say it because the small white diagonal arrows that are drawn nearby appear exactly the same in the back part of a pair of them. By the way, when the capacitor stuck to the tip of the soldering iron and I lost it, it took with the part of the connection pin with the plate. But it retains a part of tin, it can be seen perfectly but my mobile is not able to focus closely I do not know why. Perhaps with this information you could help me more.

I say about the 100nF capacitors because I have seen several threads where they recommend them for 1080 / 1080ti breaks of broken capacitors, and they are more or less of the same generation. I have also seen some breaks in 3080 and they recommended 220nF smd capacitors, but this one is newer. The 1uF ones I have seen recommended in cards with the 12V line capacitor mostly broken. And this is not my case. It's close to the GPU Chip, it's exactly the same on the outside as the 3 capacitors to its left in size, and it sure is a capacitor, because I've seen it, it was brown. just above it has a black resistance somewhat smaller in size
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