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Samsung Joins Arm Foray, Eyes Stakes Instead of Buyout


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Oct 9, 2007
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Samsung Electronics has joined the race to buy at least a slice of Arm Holdings from Japan's SoftBank, if not an all-out acquisition bid like the one from NVIDIA. According to a report by The Korea Times, As of now, the Korean semiconductor giant, which is also an Arm licensee like NVIDIA, is eying a tiny 3-5 percent take in Arm Holdings. A top industry official on condition of anonymity told the Korean paper, that Arm is likely to be acquired by a consortium of multiple companies from the semiconductor industry, given the complex shareholding pattern of Arm Holdings.

It is hence likely that NVIDIA's rival isn't directly Samsung, but rather an amorphous consortium that includes it. At the outset, Samsung's stake purchase could raise the valuation of Arm, making it that much more difficult for NVIDIA. The same official also comments on the uphill battle NVIDIA faces in its Arm bid, and doubted the company's financial prowess to pull something like this off. "NVIDIA won't become the sole suitor for Arm as the company needs to win approvals from fair trade authorities in countries that are doing business with the British company. I think it will be difficult for NVIDIA to gain approval from any of those authorities," he said.

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Oct 22, 2014
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Joins Arm foray, Eyes steak, and gets told to Leg it?
May 13, 2015
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Unfortunately Nvidia is a predatory corporation so Samsung making it more difficult for them to acquire ARM is something we can all be grateful for.
Apr 12, 2013
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Yeah about that, apparently the figure Masayoshi San's asking is a bit too much even for JHH :D
Sep 6, 2013
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Yeap!, Samsung again. In the past there where rumors of Samsung buying AMD. As it is normal, AMD's share price had jump, from 2 something to 3 something dollars. If I remember correctly was around 2013?
Anyway Samsung is huge and with deep pockets. So it's an easy rumor that "Samsung is interested in buying".
Apr 18, 2019
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I like it, Nvidia cannot be trusted with this solely. It will be good for everyone if several companies own a piece. Apple needs to jump into this as well. Every company that has made ARM technologies a big part of their business should get in on it.
Sep 17, 2014
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Mar 28, 2020
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If the Nvidia buyout goes through, I have nothing more to say. At present, I agree it is an uphill battle for Nvidia. Even Apple will not want to buy ARM because (1) the ARM business model will not suit Apple, and (2) the scrutiny of regulators to keep ARM IP available to all fairly is going to be really tight.
Jul 7, 2019
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In a related bit of news, the Co-Founder of ARM doesn't like the idea of NVIDIA potentially buying ARM and under American control, and commented that at least under SoftBank, they were at least neutral. He'd rather have the UK buy back ARM and make it central to making the UK a powerhouse.
Dec 22, 2011
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Yeah besides, I'm sure Apple would be thrilled with Samsung having a stake in Arm... not.
Jun 29, 2011
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Apple, Samsung, Nvidia? This is officially an Arms race.
Mar 28, 2020
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Apple, Samsung, Nvidia? This is officially an Arms race.
Except that there is no race since Apple don't seem keen on buying, Samsung just denied, so that just leave Nvidia in the 1 sided race. Between the 3, I feel Samsung would probably be the most neutral company to own ARM since they are anyway already supplying a lot of parts to other manufacturers for computer and mobile.