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Sansa MP3 player - broken by air pressure in plane???

Feb 26, 2006
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My friend recently took a short airflight. She was listening MP3s on her 2gb Sansa. About halfway through the 2 hr flight her player just stopped without warning. Player is only a couple of months old, battery was fully charged before she took off. No knocks to the player or anything spilt on it.
Is it possible it was damaged by the change in air pressure inside the plane?
May 31, 2008
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First of all, (I work in Air Traffic Control and know quite something about Airplanes) it depends what kind of aircraft she was a passenger in. Most aircrafts, even small, have a pressure cabin.
But even if it don't, she must have flown at very high altitude that noticeable pressure occures.
And; the electronic devices in an aircraft aren't affected either - it's common to use a GPS like in the cars in an airplane, so pressure is certainely not the cause.