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Sapphire Launches the EDGE-HD3 AMD-Powered Mini PC

Discussion in 'News' started by Cristian_25H, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. Cristian_25H


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    Building on the success of its first Mini PC, hailed as the smallest PC in the world, SAPPHIRE Technology - a world leading manufacturer and supplier of PC graphics cards, mainboards and multimedia solutions has just introduced a new model - the SAPPHIRE EDGE-HD3 based on industry leading APU technology from AMD.

    The SAPPHIRE EDGE-HD3 shares the same slim, stylish outline as the earlier models but delivers increased graphical capability and higher core performance as a result of incorporating the latest E450 APU technology from AMD. At less than half a litre in volume, it is slimmer and smaller than most wireless access points – in fact around the size of a paperback book! Its stylish design and simple pedestal mount make it equally at home next to a TV or a business monitor whilst occupying the minimum of desk or shelf space.


    Despite its small size, the SAPPHIRE EDGE-HD3 is a fully featured PC for home, education or business use. In the home, its compact size is a welcome replacement for a bulky traditional PC whether for browsing the internet, children's homework or home office tasks, with many applications accelerated by its state-of-the-art technology. Its HD video capability enables the smooth streaming of video content over HDMI to a TV or monitor and its stylish design is just as at home in the living room as in the study.

    For business, the stream processing technology in the SAPPHIRE EDGE-HD3 accelerates Office tasks and many business applications, whilst occupying a fraction of the desk space of a regular PC - and consuming many times less power. In education, it is more than capable of running the multiple applications required, and its small size allows easy transfer to different locations as needed. In both cases the built in networking by cable or wireless is easily configured, and inclusion of the socket for a Kensington lock ensures security against unauthorized removal.

    The casual gamer will find delight in the SAPPHIRE EDGE-HD3, which takes most mainstream games in its stride, as well as internet and more serious applications. It is easily carried to share experiences with friends and can be quickly set up with TV or monitor. Even the more hardcore LAN party visitors will find the easily portable EDGE-HD3 a useful weapon in their armoury.

    Specifications of the SAPPHIRE EDGE-HD3 include an AMD E450 APU, 4 GB of DDR3 memory, a 320 GB hard drive and built in wireless connectivity as well as high speed LAN port, two USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports. It provides high resolution graphics output with a full HD (1920 x 1080) HDMI interface (with an HDMI cable and HDMI-DVI adapter also supplied) as well as a VGA monitor output and it has built-in audio with mic-in and line-out sockets.

    The SAPPHIRE Mini PC family is a top scorer in power efficiency. Consuming less than 30 W even under load, the members of the SAPPHIRE Mini PC family use around 10 times less power than a typical desktop PC - and less than most notebooks - making it one of the Greenest PC solutions available. Power and space savings alone can justify switching to the Mini PC for many businesses.

    The SAPPHIRE EDGE-HD3 Mini PC is ideal for integration into an office or education environment. The end user or system integrator has a free choice of keyboard or mouse, which can be either wireless or USB connected.

    The new SAPPHIRE EDGE-HD3 is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, Vista or Windows XP. All appropriate drivers are supplied on CD.
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    wow thats pretty awesome.
  3. Batou1986


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    Funny mine cant even run Magica on low 720p on the bright side Flash and Emulators work ok
    Also DXVA supported media is a must for HD which is a tidbit they all ways fail to mention.

    Other then that these are pretty solid systems great for POS's,HTPC's
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  4. insane 360

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    sad to hear it can't run magica too well...

    guess i'm still waiting on trinity

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