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Seagate Announces DB35 Hard Drives with Perpendicular Recording Technology

Discussion in 'News' started by malware, Sep 26, 2006.

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    Seagate Technology, the world's leading manufacturer of Consumer Electronics (CE) hard drives, today announced that its highest storage capacity DB35 Series hard drives are shipping to DVR and digital entertainment device manufacturers for the next generation of DVRs. Based on Seagate's leading perpendicular recording technology, the DB35 Series hard drives are now available in 250, 320, 400, 500 and 750GB capacities, delivering performance optimized for digital entertainment delivery systems, such as DVRs.

    The digital entertainment market continues to expand, competition is heating up and Seagate is poised to be the hard drive leader in this ever-growing market space. Kagan Research reports that Cable and Satellite DVR penetration for US subscribers has reached 26%. Additionally, high-definition video is at the early stages of adoption and will continue to grow, which will result in added need for larger capacity DVRs. The market is also seeing new Internet based video delivery services coming on-line from mainstream providers like AOL, Apple, Yahoo and Microsoft and Telco's are beginning to enter broadcast TV, mostly focusing on IPTV technology - which will surely result in the continuing demand for reliable and high capacity storage for digital entertainment content. Consumers are quickly discovering and falling in love with the ease of use and flexibility provided them by capturing their entertainment content on a hard drive. The rapid adoption and unprecedented satisfaction of the DVR is a perfect case in point. In a study of 588 DVR users Forrester Research reported "...in seven years of consumer surveys at Forrester, we've never seen a device that engenders such strong, committed feelings as the DVR."[ii]

    "Seagate is thrilled to be providing technology that is the basic enabler to products driving such intense levels of customer satisfaction. Access to more and higher quality digital entertainment content is exploding," said Rob Pait, director of Global Consumer Electronics Marketing at Seagate. "The ability to store high definition content will continue to be at the heart of enabling simple and satisfying digital entertainment systems."

    Seagate DB35 Series hard drives lead the pack
    The DB35 Series hard drives, with capacity up to 750GB, provides DVR manufacturers with the industry's leading combination of cutting edge technology and customized features with world-class manufacturing and assurance of supply. Coupled with a relentless focus on quality and reliability, Seagate provides DVR manufacturers unsurpassed time to market and total cost performance. With the largest breadth of capacities, Seagate provides DVR manufacturers and system designers with options for entry level and high-end video systems.

    Inveterate entertainment consumers can easily record entire seasons of high-definition television programming. Home media centers become a reality with massive capacity for movies, photos, music and home video.

    DVR manufacturers need to custom-fit storage to their individual systems. The DB35 Series hard drives redefines value for high video capacities and lets manufacturers optimize HDD performance for demanding DVR environments. DynaPlay technology from Seagate optimizes the drive's operating parameters - performance optimization tunes the drive for sequential streaming needed for uninterrupted digital media; drive security tools enhance fair use of digital programming by helping manufacturers implement appropriate digital rights management technologies; power optimization allows the manufacturer more leeway in selecting cost-efficient power supplies. These features also help to keep DVR internal temperatures under control for enhanced system reliability.

    Source: Seagate
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    Someone who's going to find NewTekie1 and teach hi
    The beauty of these "perpendicular recording technology" disks is their INCREDIBLE READ SPEEDS... outstanding, imo @ least.

    I am just waiting to see their "longevity/duration", over-the-long-haul is all.

    (See, imo, if they stand up to use over say, 2-3 years, then I am convinced they are the BEST overall solution for a desktop drive... but, until then, they are 'suspect' to me, since they are a 'brand-new' release of technology, & still not fully proven.)

    * Ah, if ONLY Western Digital would incorporate this into their "Raptor" 10k rpm series!

    (Which probably is NOT going to happen anytime soon, due to patents etc. by Seagate which probably have limits, yes, of 5 yrs. or thereabouts)


    On the reverse/converse??

    IF only Seagate applied 10k rpm to their SATA I/II disks (more likely, I don't think RPM can be patented)?

    I'd want one!

    Heck - They're the ONLY disks that took mine out on our HD Tach 3.0 tests... in reads (both burst + read) that is (CPU usage &/or Seek-Access my raptors rocked):

    See here for those interested who have not seen our test in this manner:


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