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Seagate Introduces BlackArmor NAS 110 for Small Businesses


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Oct 9, 2007
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Adding to its suite of scalable storage solutions for small business, Seagate today announced availability of the BlackArmor NAS 110 network storage server. This new offering is the first of the Seagate BlackArmor NAS family to include additional capabilities designed to meet the specific needs of small/home offices and prosumers who crave the latest NAS technology. Available immediately through Seagate.com and leading retailers and e-tailers such as Best Buy, Staples, Amazon.com and Newegg, the BlackArmor NAS 110 server can be purchased for a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $229.99 for 1TB and $349.99 for 2TB.

The BlackArmor NAS 110 network storage server includes the following features:
  • Backup and protection for up to 10² network-connected PCs with incremental and full-system, automatic backup.
  • Support for Windows Server 2008 allowing customer to use it as their primary business server.
  • Ability to centralize, stream and share media files and documents from computers on a network, share them with other DLNA compliant devices and computers on the network running iTunes software.
  • Remote access with intuitive, web-based management interface, allowing customers to designate user access manually or integrate with Microsoft Active Directory.
  • Wiki server support so business can host an intranet share site to improve visibility and collaboration.
  • Quick start features, ability to easily view or map shared volumes to a computer, or back up the PC from which you are working from, using the BlackArmor Discovery tool software, which automatically displays all BlackArmor NAS products connected to the network.
  • Instant files duplication from storage devices such as digital cameras and USB drives connected to the front USB port using the OneTouch backup button.
  • Full system recovery of the operating system, programs and settings, in the event of a system crash or failure with SafetyDrill+ software.
  • Event notification to help prevent and manage drive errors or disruption.
  • Two additional USB ports to connect extra USB storage devices, easily share a USB printer or connect an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) to safeguard from power failure.
The new BlackArmor NAS 110 server complements Seagate’s existing line of two-and-four bay NAS solutions, ranging from 1TB to 8TB, allowing businesses to buy what they need now, with the confidence that their storage capacity can scale as their business grows . As with all solutions in the Seagate BlackArmor suite, the new BlackArmor NAS 110 helps protect important data with automatic full-system backup, SafetyDrill+ bare metal recovery software and powerful hardware-based 256-bit encryption.
Nov 26, 2008
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I like the clean slick look of the case and the 1TB is good price. If I was going to get this I would wait for 2TB's to drop in price because paying an extra 120 bucks for another TB seems kinda high priced.
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Feb 6, 2007
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I'm a bit baffled at the PR-speak in this news item.
Why say it's specifically for "home/small office and prosumers", when a 1 or 2 TB backup is not unrealistic for someone who simply stores a fair amount of data?
Why use the "Ten squared" nomenclature instead of just saying 100?
They also did not specify if this device is RAID capable. Given that it is supposed to be a primary backup for your entire system (or 100 of them), one would think a little data redundancy within the unit would not be out of line.

I give it the official Kreij rating of "Meh". (although I've never been dissapointed with a Seagate product that I have purchased)
Mar 12, 2006
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Why use the "Ten squared" nomenclature instead of just saying 100?
It doesnt actually mean 10 squared, the press release simply had a notation about that claim, which is:
"Product ships with five licenses, but more can be purchased from Seagate.com in 2-pack and 5-pack bundles". The press release is here.

They also did not specify if this device is RAID capable. Given that it is supposed to be a primary backup for your entire system (or 100 of them), one would think a little data redundancy within the unit would not be out of line.
I think the NAS 110 is a single drive unit, so the only way you could do raid is with multiple units configured via software mirroring. Seagate has the 240 and the 440 which hold 2x, and 4x hard drives as far as I can tell. So the 110 is just the baby model, its a step up from an external hard drive but not really a full featured NAS device in my eyes. But still, having one of these in a small office with 5-10 systems backing up data to it....not a bad solution compared to having a big server that is completely overkill, or what most small businesses do...have no back ups at all.