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[FS] Seasonic S12 500W Power Supply.

May 27, 2007
285 (0.07/day)
System Name Dark Aurora
Processor Intel e6600 @ 4.09ghz
Motherboard ASUS Maximus Formula x38
Cooling Custom Water Cooling on Cpu and Gpu
Memory 4gb Corsair DDR-2 800mhz/ 2gb Patriot DDR-2 1066mhz
Video Card(s) XFX 8800gt 512mb
Storage 160gb Maxtor, 250gb Western Digital, 320gb Maxtor
Display(s) Dell 22" LCD
Case Gigabyte Aurora 570 (Black)
Audio Device(s) Audigy SE
Power Supply PC Power and Cooling 750W
Software Dual boot Windows XP/Fedora 8
Benchmark Scores AM3 201,045 Super Pi 12.453s @ 4.09ghz
The good:

-Power Supply runs great. Never had a problem with it, and it's powered 2 systems of mine.
-Paint and finish on it looks brand new.
-Still has the rated specs sticker attached.
-Warranty seal has never been broken.

The bad:

-I modified one single power line which has 3 Sata power connectors on it and cut the last one off and attached a molex header to it instead as i needed to route power to another part of the case. If you'd like I can cut the wires at the next sata header so the only difference is one missing sata power plug.

Basically the same PSU.


I'd like to get around $45 shipped obo for it.

Seasonic makes some of the best power supplies on the market. They do OEM work for companies like Antec, Corsair, and BFG.

Thanks for looking!

Feb 26, 2008
4,870 (1.36/day)
Joplin, Mo
System Name Ultrabeast GX2
Processor Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 @ 4.0GHZ 24/7
Motherboard Gigabit P35-DS3L
Cooling Rosewill RX24, Dual Slot Vid, Fan control
Memory 2x1gb 1066mhz@850MHZ DDR2
Video Card(s) 9800GX2 @ 690/1040
Storage 750/250/250/200 all WD 7200
Display(s) 24" DCLCD 2ms 1200p
Case Apevia
Audio Device(s) 7.1 Digital on-board, 5.1 digital hooked up
Power Supply 700W RAIDMAXXX SLI
Software winXP Pro
Benchmark Scores 17749 3DM06
ive got a black PSU looks exactly like that, a raidmax 700W.
Ive heard great things about seasonic, gl selling it.
May 5, 2008
3,318 (0.95/day)
Processor Intel i5-3570K @ 3.4Ghz
Motherboard Asrock LGA1155 Z77 Extreme 4
Cooling Cooler Master Evo 212
Memory 16GB (4X4) G.Skill Ripjaw 2 DDR3-1600
Video Card(s) Nvidia gForce GTX 660ti
Storage 1x Samsung 840 EVO 256GB 6Gb/s, 1x WD 500GB 6Gb/s, 1x WD 80GB 3Gb/s
Display(s) ASUS VH242H Black + 2 HP 2311x 23" LED
Case Fractal Design R4
Audio Device(s) Realtek OnBoard Both
Power Supply Cooler Master 850w
Software Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1
Nice PSU! I'll be watching.